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After a good, long run on Android, Seesmic has been acquired by HootSuite. Seesmic users don't have to worry too much, as HootSuite has promised that they'll continuing supporting the app, though business users will get moved over to HootSuite's offering. Both CEOs sound pretty amicable about how the whole thing worked out.

"I have always had a lot of respect for Seesmic’s CEO, Loïc Le Meur and the role Seesmic has played in advancing social business." said HootSuite CEO, Ryan Holmes. “We are thrilled to welcome Seesmic’s users into the HootSuite family.”

"We’ve always been big fans of Ryan Holmes and the HootSuite team, since the days we were all pioneering the Social Media landscape. We’re thrilled today to announce that Seesmic is joining HootSuite, and we’re excited for our users: they are becoming part of the HootSuite family, and they will be able to continue to build their brand and social business," said Seesmic CEO Loic Le Meur.

Both companies are big in the social media management scene, and their products have been just as great for everyday consumers as for pros. Although Twitter is the main focus, HootSuite offers tools for Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and a few other networks too. 

I haven't touched Seesmic in awhile since I generally stick with HootSuite or the native Twitter and Facebook apps, but what do you guys use? The last update we saw from Seesmic added Instagram viewing, which is pretty cool, but what else does Seesmic do that HootSuite should make a point of integrating?

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HootSuite swoops in and acquires Seesmic


I'm not really a fan of HootSuite. Granted, it does a lot but it doesn't do a lot well. My favorite twitter client, TweetDark (TweetDeck varient) is still my bread and butter with Falcon Widget vying for that de facto second place spot. I just don't like the performance of it. Granted, I'm not using the Pro version because none of those features really appeal to me. And with TweetLanes, Boid App and Carbon coming up, I really don't see how HootSuite will matter to me.

Very cool! I love Hootsuite and the addtion of Seesmic I view as a good addition. One thing Seesmic does/did have is integration with Chatter. Anyone know if Seesmic is working or already has Twitter PUSH notifications? Will they keep 2 Android clients or merge them into one?

I hope they don't change anything. I tried HootSuite and it was buggy and unstable on the laptop. I uninstalled it. Always loved Seemic

seems to me innovation stopped after twitter bought tweetdeck... I used to be a big fan of the seesmic app. However those Boid kids and Tweetlane seem to be doing some good things now, even though twitter has handicapped them.......

You could try TweakDeck. Very simple.

But really, talking about innovation with regard to twitter is pretty silly don't you think? Twitter has pretty much ceased evolving two years ago.

Not a fan of HootSuite. After trying almost all the twitter apps in the Play Store, I've been using Plume.

I used to use Seesmic but drifted over to Tweetcaster Pro after it was an Amazon free app and I like the dark theme. The official Twitter app is absolutely terrible.

I use Seesmic when the stock Facebook app doesn't work(doesn't load pictures, notifications sometimes don't work, general random bugs all the time,etc) and also use it to post items on Facebook and Twitter at the same time. And I also use it over the stock Twitter app occasionally. Hopefully Hoot Suite updates it and makes it better in the future!

The good thing Seesmic gives you is the ability to have more than one Twitter account logged in without having to pay a monthly fee. Hopefully Hootsuite won't change that.