Derp: That's the lesser Sero 7 LT that's for sale today. Carry on, folks.

A quick heads up that the Hisense Sero 7 Pro — already a ridiculously inexpensive yet respectable Android tablet — is listed on for the rest of the day at just $69.99.

Wrote our own Casey Rendon in reviewing the Sero 7 Pro:

The Sero 7 Pro does exactly what it sets out to do: offers good all round specs, more features than you can shake a stick at, and comes in at a great price. This isn't a tablet that most people would consider a major investment, but it is a very fun purchase. Casual users and first time tablet users will be amazed at how much Android you can get for $149. Even hardcore users who need a 7-inch tablet in the interim of waiting for the next big thing to come out will be happy with this purchase.

And that was before the price was lowered to $129. Now you can snag one for even less.

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Wow, that's an impulse buy!!

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ccfixx says:

I'm getting the LT version when clicking on the link, Phil.

Yes the link is to the LT version not the Pro

kernmal says:

Sorry Phil, it is the Sero 7 LT for $69. Not the Sero 7 Pro.

wolfkeeper says:

Better off buying it at Walmart for $79, in case you get one with a defect.

I 2nd what wolfkeeper said...I'd rather pay $10 more and get a non-refurb. Too bad this isn't really the Pro :-(

Marc11218 says:

Isn't a refurbished one better than nothing?

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grifforama says:

It's factory refurbished. Not brand new

Here is the link to the Pro version $$109.99, refurbished

alexgonz615 says:

Yeah not sero pro and its a refurb

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zachavm says:

Dang it Phil!!!! I just bought one without looking through the specifics because of this article. Now, I can't cancel it or return it because of the damn rules on 1daysale. WTF!!!!!

It's not really your fault as I didn't look myself, but it's very frustrating. Thank you for taking this down as fast as you did.

djluis48 says:

Same here...just hopes i manage to sell it. So frustrating. I emailed them to see if i could cancel the order... :(

zachavm says:

I'm going to attempt to block the transaction through my credit card company. You might try the same.

zachavm says:

ok, they canceled mine. I don't know if it was because of the initial request of because I said I'd block the payment, but they canceled it.

djluis48 says:

Thanks for the advice! I just asked for a refund via email and they cancelled the order, and refunded my through Paypal. They answered my email pretty fast. Liked the customer service. :)