LG G Watch

One more little nugget out LG's new G Watch promo page, from which we got our first look at the champagne gold and white version.

It looks like you'll be charging it through some sort of dock, judging by the connector we see on the back of the watch. LG also reiterates that it'll be water-resistant (no surprise there) and that the face will be "always on," never mind that you don't actually see anything on the face in most of LG's pictures. (Hey, Android Wear's still not final or anything.)

This watch appears to be playing second fiddle for many folks, according to our informal poll. But seeing more pictures may start to sway our opinion some. What say you?

LG G Watch

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ErnstMach says:

That moto 360 is still calling my name, even after seeing this.

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bhatech says:


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Zig261 says:

Actually if the Moto 360 is over $250, this watch is the next best thing.

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Mallen18 says:

The moto does look nice, and in black the LG wasn't really doing it for me, but this with brown leather strap I can see myself wearing. Looks like a standard watch strap fitting, anyone seen this confirmed?

A lot depends on how it feels and looks on the wrist. I've a feeling the 360 may be a little bulky.


brendilon says:

The black version of the G looked bland. This one just looks tacky.

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The interesting question is not "How?" but "How often?"

Tim Box says:

So I'm going to put my money down on this.... After I see a review. There will be no Moto 360 any time soon this side of the Atlantic and I do not want to wait.
If the Moto 360 is really cool then I might get one as well.

intrepid359 says:

I'll be on eBay, selling them overseas :)

gotzaDroid says:

I have to agree, the moto 360 just looks more refined. I guess it's because there are so many rectangular smart watches out there that the circular one just stands out in the crowd.

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Zig261 says:

People are not very open to change. Just because it's a round screen doesn't mean it will be a success.

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ErnstMach says:

You do realize that a round smart watch wouldn't be a change but a return to the regular style of watches that has been around for 100s of years, right?

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intrepid359 says:

Yeah, and it will come with an equally dated design for Google Glass... the Google Monocle. Just kidding! I'm a big fan of LG, but this looks a little plain. The 360 really caught my eye.

jdevenberg says:

I prefer the look of the Moto. However, it will have to be very close in price to the LG for me to get it. If the LG is even $50 cheaper and has identical functionality, I probably won't get the Moto

Now that's an attractive watch. If it releases for an agreeable amount, I'm selling my Galaxy Gear and getting the G Watch to go with my new G2/3

itr themes says:

The top-down view of the 360 is great ... it's the side profile that worries me. I've got a small wrist, I don't want my watch sticking up an inch off my arm. I'll probably get the G for that reason alone... and I've got an LG phone, so there's that too.

Gekko says:

i like this LG watch over any other smartwatch. sleek, simple, clean, and minimalist - just like the Nexus 5. and it's not trying to be something it's not. yes - i said it again.

Zig261 says:

You sound like a true LG fan.

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Gekko says:

no i'm a minimalist fan. i liked the Galaxy Nexus too.

Gekko says:

the champagne gold with white strap will be great for all of you straight up playa pimps out there. Richard Yarrell - i'm looking at you.

flipponater says:


posting while eating gummybears in your girlfriends bedroom

Coollok100 says:

I really hope all of the gold accents in the images are actually made of some kind of metal. It would add a lot of premium feel to it compared to it just being coloured plastic.

dmedesha says:

Ain't round and doesn't show hands. It's not a watch in my mind. My Galaxy Nexus has similar contacts that do nothing, too.

How about kinetic energy charging? When are digitals going to catch up with 1960s self-winding? Grumble-grumble.

brendilon says:

Kinetic self charging is impossible for a device like this. So is solar. Those 1960s watches use a tiny percent of the power of these things.

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gravage says:

What is the point of this article? The title is "Here's How You'll Charge the LG G Watch". Then you go to the article and the answer is "It looks like you'll be charging through some sort of dock"?

Duh? Like we couldn't gather that ourselves from the early renders. We needed you to create an entirely new article to speculate the obvious? Link bait. What a joke.

GMoney90sMan says:

Don't really see the need for a smartwatch of any kind right now. I'm fine with my awesome phone.

LG G2 (4.4.2) T-Mobile

oldschoolsig says:

I need to see the details,but I'm liking this better than moto. I'm most curious about notifications on each,as it seems that the LG will have more space to show more of a text,email or alert than the moto will.

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Joel E says:

This is sexy, but now I'm imagining the 360 in multiple colors...

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rvirga says:

I like the Moto 360's design better, but, if it's true that it uses an AMOLED screen, I think I'll end up buying this instead. I like to check the time often, and therefore having a 'always on' screen (either transflective LCD or Mirasol) is a must-have feature.

deeb215 says:

My wrist is almost ready.

bjn714 says:

I sure hope those connectors are gold. If not, they are likely to corrode or oxidize from continued contact with sweat.

BB_Bmore says:

I say 360

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ken512 says:

Just damn tired of waiting.. Somebody just drop something already.. samsung sucks

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NoYankees44 says:

Price and functionality are the determining factors here...

MarkSeven says:

I don't understand why the face/bezel is still black on the gold/white model. It messes up the whole look. They should have made it white too.

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Nabil Jaser says:

I must admit, when I first saw the G watch in black it seemed a bit too bland and understated. But now in these new colors I must say it's looking mighty sexy. I'm really glad LG is starting to listen to their fans. I feel the Google Nexus program has helped them a lot in that regards. Especially fine tuning their software and hardware to better suit the north american and European markets. We all know that the Asian market has very different flavors of both software and hardware that works very well for them but doesn't necessarily do well here in the west. I remember when Google announced the Nexus 4 and their partnership with LG many many many people on these forums and elsewhere outright refused to give LG any credit or a chance because of LG's history. But look at us now... The Nexus 4 was an amazing device for the price and the Nexus 5 is even better. Their G2 and G2 Pro as well as their G Pad are all very good devices which received a lot of praise (sure minus the software but that's something that LG is currently working on according to the G3 leaks). I for one will be eyeing this G watch along with the Moto 360 and the rumored Nexus smartwatch. Wearables are finally starting to look good and make sense. With time (no pun intended) it will only get better.

SedahDrol says:

Looks like the same way the galaxy gear charges

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