Hurricane Irene

Here's a quick no-brainer or two from your hurricane-prone pals at Android Central for those of you in the path of Hurricane Irene, scheduled to make landfall along the North Carolina coast on Saturday before making its way up the east coast and basically ruining everybody's weekend:

  • Charge your phones. Now. Keep them charged. And once the storm starts, keep them off. You'll likely lose power at some point, and there's a good chance your local cell network will go down for a bit, even with generator backups.
  • Spare batteries. If you got 'em, make sure they're charged, too. If you still have time to get some, do it.
  • Car charger. Get one. That is all.
  • After the storm, text messages work best. Any carrier will tell you this, and we saw it again with that little shake the mid-Atlantic states got on Tuesday. If the network's up, it's going to be clogged, and calls might not go through. Text messages have a much better chance.
  • If you're worried about damage and don't have a traditional camera, use your phone to take a few pictures of your home and your belongings. It'll make insurance claims much easier, should it come to that.

Any tips you folks want to share? Let's hear 'em.

More: Latest on Irene from the National Hurricane Center
Image credit: LSU Earth Scan Labratory


Reader comments

Here comes Hurricane Irene: Charge 'em if you got 'em


72 hours of ramen and water. Fill ur tub with water too. Battery powered fans? Yes please. Here in Mobile Al we learned the hard way in 04 05. Gas up till full and carry cash. Expect long lines for water and gas afterwards.

Solar chargers are a good idea too. I lived in SW Florida back in 04 when we had Charlie, Katrina, Ike and Wilma blow through all in the same season. Batteries only last so long. A solar charger is the perfect backup for bad weather situations. I didn't have one back in 04 but I used my car to charge.

Kudos to you guys for having the foresight to put this up there. These new smartphones can be a great asset during natural disasters and such.

During Hurricane Wilma my phone still worked, connection and all, and I was able to watch the progress of the storm even though our power had gone out. I could tell when the eye was over us and when the worst was finally past.

This kind of article is a terrific idea. I'm in the northeast, so hopefully it won't be as much of an issue for me as our unfortunate friends further south. But these are excellent tips, and when it comes time to take stock and make sure everyone's ok, our devices are great assets to have.

Here in California we have earthquakes and fires, so mother nature knock it all down and reduces it to ash, as in fertilizer. none of this waterlogged cleanup.

I can attest to txt messages getting though. After the storm that hit Houston a few years ago the only thing that would go though for a few days were txt messages.

If your wanting to keep your phone on so you won't miss any messages turn off all networks: cell data, wifi, bluetooth, gps, etc... With everything off you'll be able to get at least two days of battery life.

If you don't have one see if you can pickup an inverter for your car. This is a great way to charge the small electronics you have, but don't have car chargers for.

Once the storm has passed, if you think your gonna be w/o power for a long while fire up the grill and cook as much as you can. Better to cook it, eat some, and pass the rest on to your neighbors.

Biggest piece of advice ever: Take the storm seriously.

Have your fun afterwards(albeit, watch out for power lines and canals in flooded areas[my father drove into a canal that blended with a flooded street]). But make sure your asses are safe during the storm, or gtfo out of your town until its gone.

Edit: this kind of article is amazing. 3 tech websites i keep an eye on, and this is the only one that has an article like this. Kudos to you guys.

Great advice.....
I just read that there has been 18 deaths Irene related in the US. Some of them, ppl that stayed at home and trees felt while inside/outside the house. Others driving through the storm, crossing rivers and floods and others surfing.
Same hurricane, same intensity but we only had a senior citizen that went away with a current :(
We don't underestimate storms/hurricanes and that's why we don' t have as much fatalities here in Puerto Rico.
So sad that most of those deaths in the US could have really be avoided.

I would also recommend getting out that old dumb phone and charging it. I know a lot of people still have one from way back about 5-6 years ago. It will hold a charge for much longer than a few days and it can still make emergency calls without a sim.

Worst case scenario, swap your sim back in the old phone and you can still make calls, texts without worry of battery drain.

And don't forget the UPS on your desktop computer is a source for charging your phones. Charge it up, disconnect the computer and the switches and all the other stuff on the UPS then Power it off and save it for recharging phones or running your wifi router.

Don't forget the low-tech approach. Put batteries in that crappy transistor radio you tossed in your junk drawer.

I've been going back and forth on this, actually. There are a bunch out there. Some are paid apps, which for this sort of thing is ridiculous, since they all pull their data from the same place.

Everytime I'm about to do a roundup, I just keep going back to the NHC website linked above. Anybody have a favorite I should really take a look at?

I really wish we had Stormpulse, but its IOS only. Its the best looking hurricane app I've seen.. and I use the website ( even more than the NHC website.

Right now I'm using Hurricane Hound Tracker, I don't like its display but it has all the basic important stuff.

Not a hurricane app per say, but Rainy Days works very well. Auto position location using cell network and you can zoom from your neighborhood to the whole US.

I really like SeaStorm. It is $1.99 plus $1.00 upgrade for the spaghetti models. It is quick and to the point. A free option is to go to Crown Weather in your browser. It is optimized for mobile phone use and offers great, detailed information.

Yeah I went through extended power outages after Frances, Jeanne and Wilma (whose eye passed over my house, walked dogs for about 20 minutes during it). I also went through Andrew, though less in the path on that one.

If you have a generator (as many of us in my area did when Wilma hit having been hit by 2 hurricanes already in the span of a year) be wary of charging your phone on it. They don't have the cleanest power, the input frequency for the UPS could be a problem... also even if you have a UPS you should not necessarily hook that up to a generator unless you are sure they are compatible.

At some point if you're in the path the utility will probably kill your power before the transformer would be blown anyway. But even so I'd unplug stuff at this point, as lightning strikes can still come in on those lines.

As for cellular networks, it seems hit or miss which ones will still be up. Almost all cell towers have generator backup that can keep them going a good while, but of course they can suffer damage directly.

Wow, this has got to be one of the best articles on AC ever! Love it when people come together. Good luck to all along the storm path, stay safe!

Cell phone networks can be spotty during a hurricane. Double up on your phone coverage with a cheap pay-as-you-go phone. If you have GSM based phones, grab a virgin mobile (or other CDMA) phone. Switch it if you use verizon or sprint. That way if one network is down you still have another opportunity to communicate with family, friends, emergency responders, etc.

Also, (non-android recommendation here) since the power is probably going to be out for some time invest in some solar party lights. My kid has those up in her room and she loves them. Even on a cloudy day, if you turn them off while they're charging, you can get 5-6 hours of good light from them. This is great for the kid's room at night (or for any other interior lighting needs). The set I have uses rechargeable batteries so in a pinch I can just swap the batteries that came with it out for another set of rechargeable AA's.

This is something I have always done for several years and its an excellent idea and it WILL come in handy. Personally, I live in atlanta but I am from the virgin islands and I go there on business all the time. Unlike the main land U.S. there will always be some sort of hurricane event or extreme close call every single hurricane season so when I go their on business(which is extremely frequent)I always make sure I get a pre-paid plan with tmobile/att since I am with sprint. That way I have access to all available networks.

Hi I'm hemihauler20,
I was wondering, if it's ok with u, can I use your advice on They're looking for advice for the hurricane as well.

If there is flooding..ASSUME that floodwaters are full of snakes, rats and insects. Treat floodwater as if it were raw sewage, because it may be.

If you must wade into floodwatres for a non-emergency purpose, for the love of FSM wear hipwaders if you have them, rainboots, SOMETHING.

/i really really hope that all of this advice is unnecessary and looks like a silly group of worrywarts come next week

I'm from Puerto Rico and we got hit by Irene right when it became a hurricane. All this is sound advice plus...

Charge your laptop and don't use it. If you do not need your laptop for essential work, you can use it later to charge your phone two or three times.

About phone calls: While text messaging is the best option, there's bound to be people you'll need to call because they don't have a cell phone or they don't know how to use text messaging. Don't make phone calls during the hurricane emergency, but don't wait a day or two either! As cell towers spend hours without power, their backup generators will start to run low on power and YOUR COVERAGE WILL BE REDUCED SIGNIFICANTLY. Make any necessary phone calls six to twelve hours AFTER the emergency is over and keep them short and to the point.

I hope everything is ok with you down in PR. I was right next door to you in St. Thomas went it past but it wasn't quite at hurricane strenght yet though but the amount of rain was insane.

More than half the damage here came the day after Irene's eye went through the island, because the tail of the hurrinace had A LOT of rain and lightning, which lead to flooding, many landslides and slowed down the recovery works.

I completely forgot about charging the cellphone with the laptop. THANKS. I agree with you on not waiting too much to make a phone call because that happened to me and a couple of co-workers.

Very basic:
1. Remember to dim your phone display screen so it last longer.
2. If there are several persons with cellphones, try not to use all the phones. There' s no sense in wasting all those batteries. You never know when the power is going to be back. Sometimes, parents have older, much simpler phones an their phone battery last longer.
3. Unless you remember all your most important contacts phone numbers, WRITE down the ones you think you might need: your boss, professors, that friend that you know have a power generator at home......If your phone batt dies, at least you have that info.
4. The hurricanes that have slam Puerto Rico have done it on August or September, so everybody knows that by this time you have to have your battery operated fan to at least, catch a couple of sleep hours at night while waiting for the power to be restore.
5.Wash all the clothes you can beforehand. Maybe you' ll be without power and/or water for much longer than you thought.
6.Clean and have your BBQ ready might end up cooking on the grill all the meat on your freezer.
7. If still without power but have to go back to work, remember to take your charger to work since most companies have power generators you' ll be able to charge your devices.

Be safe everyone :)

Good luck everyone. My cousin is in the path of the storm in NC.
Girl born and raised in San Francisco, got married and moved to NC to be near his family.
I hope they and everyone are OK, great advice love this site.

The insurance photos are a great idea. I recommend people take it one step further and upload those to a private album on Flickr or Picasa in case your phone gets lost or damaged.

Additional tips:

OWN A WEATHER RADIO. Yes, caps was intentional. They now run civil emergency messages on wx radio. Get one with a battery backup.

Above and beyond a car charger for the phone: a power inverter. Turns the cigarette lighter into a proper electical outlet.

As somone mentioned above, charging a laptop battery will provide multiple drinks of juice for phones. a power inverter provides multiple drinks for the laptop. Or battery charger for other rechargeable batteries. One electical outlet might make a big difference if power is out for a few days.

One thing to add to this is some european make cars have WeatherBands built into them. I know many Mercedes models do. This can be an additional resource for some of you and it is something that you already may own!

Godspeed to all in the path of this thing!

I lived in Eastern NC all my life until I moved to Raleigh and have lived through TONS of hurricanes, if it doesn't go into the Gulf, we ALWAYS get hit because NC sticks out into the Atlantic.

Heading east after work today to be with the family incase they need cleanup help or anything else. Great article and great tips!

good luck people, wish you the best and stay safe!! that being said, maybe we can get a forum going with recording of the hurricane in HD with some android powered phones, but saftey first!!

I live in north jersey across from NYC and work on the water front this will suck tmrw when I work and sunday when this thing screws my weekend up.......hope my atrix doesnt get wet

As a northern californian, the only thing I've had to deal with is 89 degree weather. Therefore I am praying for my brothers who are in the hurricanes path. looks like some good tips here so everyone be safe.

also turn off 4g to conserve battery if you keep your phones on. i just hope this thing doesn't shift course and come up towards michigan.

This is why I love AndroidCentral and everyone who follows it. You guys are great! Thanks, Phil, for this. We are in Central NJ and just waiting for this monster storm... :(

Here's a Macgyver type tip .... fill your washing machine with ice, the porcelain will act as a cooler and keep your beer cold.

My thoughts as a hiker and backpacker.

Camping stores with hiking supplies (and other stores as well) can have some very handy items. Water purifiers (filter, UV, and tablet are all nice to have), emergency candles, rain ponchos, flashlights, headlamps (LED efficiency plus look ma, no hands), compass (if you get stuck driving or walking in a bad rain storm with no GPS at least you can get a heading, plus a compass doesn't need batteries), wind up emergency radio, power bars/rations/no mess foods, toilet paper and a small shovel (gross I know, but if there's no water and you don't wanna fill up the toilet you gotta do something), and a first aid kit. I know those suggestions are phone OT, but hey, it's good to have around just in case.

Good phone apps to have.

GPS app with A-gps already dl'd and way points saved for home and other areas of importance. You may have to detour and even if you have a "that direction" sort of guidance, it's better than nothing. GPS status and GPS essentials are the two I have and use.

Compass app. Similar to above.

Red Cross SOS first aid app with videos dl'd.

Air horn or other noise app.

Flashlight app with SOS screen flash.

Radar tool for storm viewing. Radar now is quick and easy so minimal battery drain, but other apps can give more info.

Those are my thoughts.

If it were to be widely adopted, an emergency messaging app like auto-BAHN would help survivors when a disaster such as Irene knocks cell towers offline. It turns smartphones into an ad-hoc wireless network by using wifi and bluetooth connections. The developer hopes manufacturers will include the app, or one like it, on all their devices.

If you have a generator...Fill up your gas tank and get extra gas in gas cans. If you run out of gas in the cans, syphon from your car! You can connect your generator to the electrical outlet for your dryer. If you notice, your dryer has a special plug. If you don't know what you're doing, don't try this, ask an electrician. If you connect a flexible hose to the electrical wires you need, you can connect one end to the generator, one end to your dryer's plug. You have to get what you need from an electrical supply company. Turn off all breakers, connect one end of connection to gas powered generator, one end to the dryer. Crank the generator, then you can turn on the other breakers. DO NOT turn on your A/C breaker EVER as your generator probably does not have enough power for this. Only turn on the breakers of the room or rooms you are using while the power is out. Get window units if you can find them. Be careful as you could kill somebody.

Only only ONLY IF YOU HAVE A MAIN DISCONNECT can you use your dryer receptacle to infeed your home from a generator. If you don't, you will attempt to power up the whole neighborhood and your generator will die with a little whimper. DO NOT do this unless you know exactly what you are about to do! Severe damage can result!

I'm in central North Carolina. I'm really hoping this storm stays as far east as possible. I know we will get rain here but I'm hoping it misses us all together but I seriously doubt it. I can only hope for the best. Oh, and if I do lose power my phone will definitely be off or if I have to make a call I'm going to the car and making it in the car with the car charger attached.

Here in MD during the "quake" all the networks were jammed, I have Skype on my phone and was able to make calls no problem. So fellow AC-ers, if you have a 3g network - you can still make Skype calls while the phone portion of the network is jammed (strawberry).

I am 100% ready for any power failures. I Craigslist hunted for UPSes and so now all my PC equipment is on battery backup, and a seperate backup for my wireless routers and fios modem. as long as nothing takes down the buried fiber lines, I will be happy with computers, xbox, and internet. and if internet does go down, I have plenty of ways to keep my phone charged while it broadcasts in sprint hotspot. I even have a wireless ethernet bridge set to connect to my phone, that I can plug into the router so all my computers and stuff can continue to use the home wifi network, while it all gets funneled through my 4G hotspot! Come on Irene! Give me all you got!

Here in Puerto Rico the cell network never seems to go down during storms or huricanes, it's pretty uncanny... At least for Sprint & AT&T in the greater metro area. My power went out for two or three days, water pressure was weak, cable was out for five days, telephone/DSL and mobile service never faltered. You can power a modem/router for 3-5 hours with a 1000 watt UPS but not much more... However you can easily charge your phone from empty to full 4-5 times off the same UPS. Between two of UPS and the laptop + tablet I could probably charge my phone daily for a month without touching an outlet, heh.

My thunderbolt will be fully charged. But wish me luck all.. This is when my job becomes most dangerous. Being an Electric Lineman I will be working outside during the hurricane. Trying to keep everyones power on.. So if any if you lose power & see a Line crew from your local power company, give then a thanks.. Its obe of the most dangerous jobs in the world to begin with.. Usually #8 or 9.. Then at times like this it becomes #1 & 2..

Just thought to check my Solio solar charger (which, fortunately, will also charge from a laptop and hold charge for a year) and plugged it in. More extra cell phone power.

glad i live in western pa, no hurricanes, tornados,and earthquakes, we only get blizzards haha Gl to all of the people riding out the storm!

glad i live in western pa, no hurricanes, tornados,and earthquakes, we only get blizzards haha Gl to all of the people riding out the storm!

I think everybody should be thankful that it became weaker along the way. Before reaching the US, Irene went up to a category 4hurricane!!! I experienced Georges, a category 3 hurricane in 1998, and there is not a person in Puerto Rico that can't tell you how horrible it was. When Irene was about to get close to us it was a storm and out of the blue, just on top of us it became a category 1 hurricane.....You have to prepare for the worst with this tropical systems. Better safe (and prepared) than sorry ;)

Nope, it wasn' t safe to say that at all.....
I just read that there has been 18 deaths Irene related in the US. Some of them, ppl that stayed at home and trees felt while inside/outside the house. Others driving through the storm, crossing rivers and floods and others surfing.
Same hurricane, same intensity but we only had a senior citizen that went away with a current :(
We don't underestimate storms/hurricanes and that's why we don' t have as much fatalities here in PR.
So sad that most of those deaths in the US could have really be avoided.

Good article, mostly good comments.
A battery radio is a good thing. Even if you don't listen to them much it is good to have an idea of the nearby radio station which will be on it during these situations.
Events like this can be prepared for, every family should have a plan for meeting up and keeping track in case of sudden events. Those happen also.

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another alternative to a battery radio is to download "tune in radio" app on your phone. As long as you have cell service you have a radio anywhere you go with the latest news.

Then as everyone said above, fully charged your laptop and fill up your car with gas before the storm. Then you can charge your phone on the laptop, and in an emergency with the right chargers you can use your car to charge essentials like the phone or anything else you need.











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尿毒症并非不治之症什么是尿毒症?尿毒症症状、尿毒症早期症状是什么?尿毒症的原因是什么?肾炎,尿毒症能活多久?尿毒症能治好吗?尿毒症饮食注意什么?尿毒症治疗方法有哪些?这些都是患者际家属亲人最关心的问题。干细胞使尿毒症不再难治。  肾病是临床常见病和多发病,我国每年每百万人口中约有300多人死于肾功能衰竭。肾脏病发病日益增多,主要与人们的不良生活方式导致糖尿病、高血压、肥胖等危险因素明显增加有关。而肾病又会加重这些危险因素的进程,它们相互影响,形成恶性循环,最终造成尿毒症等疾病发生。干细胞使尿毒症不再难治。  肾脏病患病率高、合并心血管疾病率高和死亡率高的“三高”现状,与人们对该病的知晓率低、防治率低和合并心血管疾病认知率低的“三低”事实形成了鲜明的对比,这导致了包括我国在内的多数国家和地区的众多慢性肾病患者未能早期就诊,错过最佳治疗时机,只能靠昂贵的透析治疗甚至换肾维持生命,而有的患者在未获得透析治疗或换肾机会前就已死亡。干细胞使尿毒症不再难治。  国际肾脏病学会和国际肾脏基金联合会倡议建立了世界肾脏病日,并成功举行了第一次世界肾脏病日。干细胞使尿毒症不再难治。  对慢性肾脏病要重视,强化个人和家庭对该病护理及治疗的认识,做到对慢性肾脏病的早预防、早发现和早诊治,以减少尿毒症这个“沉默型杀手”对个人和社会的危害。干细胞使尿毒症不再难治。  肾病患者需慎重选药  目前治疗肾病的方法多限于激素类药物、细胞毒类药物及一些常规中药,尿毒症用血液透析,腹膜透析等,只能缓解急症,且很多易复发,或呈进行性加重。建议:肾病患者在选择用药的时候,重点关注国家药品监督管理局审批后的说明书,以辨别出适合自身治疗的药品。干细胞使尿毒症不再难治。  肾病治疗切勿陷入四大误区  慢性肾脏疾病已经成为危害人类健康的常见严重病,但是许多患者因他人介绍或自己收集的“民间经验”,肾病患者在临床治疗时应避免四大误区,以免贻误治疗。干细胞使尿毒症不再难治。  第一个误区:一些肾病患者忽视对原发病的治疗。红斑狼疮性肾炎、肾结核、尿路梗阻等疾病,都可能引发或加重对肾脏的损害。如果在透析治疗的辅助下,对红斑狼疮性肾炎等原发疾病进行治疗,部分尿毒症可获得逆转,肾功能可望得到一定程度的恢复。干细胞使尿毒症不再难治。  第二个误区:有的肾病患者单纯依赖中草药进行治疗。中草药对早中期肾衰有一定疗效,但对于晚期尿毒症的疗效不理想。此时应尽早进行透析治疗,否则将延误救治时机。  第三个误区:有许多肾病患者认为输血可以改善尿毒症的贫血状况。大量或多次输血,会减少红细胞生成素的产生,反而加重贫血。此外,输血可使血中尿素氮等有毒物质含量进一步升高。干细胞使尿毒症不再难治。  第四个误区:是完全拒绝摄入蛋白质。肾病患者往往被告知注意蛋白质的摄入,结果许多肾病患者拒蛋白质于千里之外。干细胞使尿毒症不再难治。  事实上,长期低蛋白饮食可能引发严重的蛋白营养不良。因此,在低蛋白饮食治疗的基础上,应补充必需的氨基酸,以改善营养不良状态,并保护残余肾单位,延缓肾衰进程。  尿毒症并非不治之症!干细胞使尿毒症不再难治。 干细胞治疗尿毒症是医学的重大突破。干细胞进入人体内可以自动寻找组织器官受损部位,进行修复,从根本上解决了病根,能治疗传统疗法认为是“不治之症”的疾病;因此采用干细胞治疗尿毒症从根本上解决这一“不治之症”。中美干细胞移植治疗中心主要从事干细胞治疗和再生医学的临床、科研和学术活动,积极开展多种难治性疾病,包括尿毒症等的医疗新技术、临床实验和推广应用,为干细胞新疗法开辟出一条新的途径。干细胞到达肾脏受损害的部位,修复受损的肾小单位,重生出肾脏所需的各类细胞,干细胞还可以保护残存的肾单位,阻止和逆转肾脏的纤维化,恢复肾脏的基本的功能,从根本上解决尿毒症的问题。干细胞、干细胞移植、造血干细胞、神经干细胞移植、干细胞治疗尿毒症、尿毒症干细胞移植。干细胞移植治疗中心:Q.Q:1186672936,电.话:132-6962-0545

尿毒症患者适合什么样的饮食一、尿毒症饮食与治疗相配合,一直是医学工作者所重视的问题,虽然已经做了大量的指导,但很多尿毒症患者对尿毒症饮食始终是一片空白, 也往往因为饮食不当,导致尿毒症患者治疗不佳。 尿毒症又名慢性肾功能不全,临床上按肾功能不全的程度分为:肾功能不全代偿期,氮质血症期,尿毒症期。二、尿毒症饮食最早和最突出的表现是在消化道,表现为厌食、腹部不适、恶心、呕吐、腹泻、舌炎、口腔炎、消化道出血等等。尿毒症本身就容易出现饮食不正常,因此,尿毒症饮食合理调养就显得十分重要。在氮质血症期和尿毒症期的患者主要应以低蛋白饮食为主,且蛋白质要以含有人体必需氨基酸的动物蛋白为主,如牛奶、蛋类、鱼、瘦肉等。每日蛋白质摄入量为20克。这样既保证了机体所必需的氨基酸的供应,又可使机体在低蛋白供应的情况下利用非蛋白氮合成非必需氨基酸,从而降低氮质血症。三、食物要易于消化和含有充足的维生素,特别是维生素 B、 C、 D。要避免粗糙食物对消化道的机械性损伤而导致消化道出血。氮质血症期胃口尚好的患者,热量不应少于每公斤体重35卡,但到尿毒症期只能视患者的胃口而定。如果患者尿量不少,水肿不明显,一般不要限制饮水量。四、尿毒症患者容易发生脱水和低钠血症,特别是长期食欲不振,呕吐和腹泻的患者更是如此。一旦发生,要及时补充。但要注意尿毒症患者对水、钠耐受差的特点,补充不能过量,以免引起高钠血症或水中毒。尿毒症患者的血钾一般偏低,使用利尿剂以后极易发生低血钾症,这时可多吃一些新鲜水果和氯化钾。尿毒症患者血钙常常偏低,可多吃一些含钙量高的食物,如鱼、虾、肉骨头汤等。干细胞治疗尿毒症是医学的重大突破。成体干细胞进入人体内可以自动寻找组织器官受损部位,进行修复,是从根本上解决了病根,这是传统治疗方法远远无法做到的。治疗发病机理不明疾病和传统疗法认为是“不治之症”的疾病;因此采用干细胞治疗尿毒症可望从根本上解决这一“不治之症”。中美干细胞移植治疗中心主要从事干细胞治疗和再生医学的临床、科研和学术活动,积极开展多种难治性疾病,包括尿毒症等的医疗新技术、临床实验和推广应用。在最短时间内把最新的干细胞研究成果转化为临床应用,为干细胞新疗法开辟出一条新的途径,为干细胞工程技术管理寻求一种新模式、新手段和新方法。干细胞、干细胞移植、造血干细胞、神经干细胞移植、干细胞治疗尿毒症、尿毒症干细胞移植。干细胞移植治疗中心:Q.Q:1186672936,电.话:132-6962-0545


  本报开封讯 (记者周斌)一抬脚,脚下竟滚出5000美金。昨日,河南省第一监狱两名警察在银行办理业务时,竟碰到这等奇事。本来这些钱是一名归国省亲的女士存钱时丧失在银行的,水晶饰品店加盟,当日这笔钱就回到失主手中。



  两位警官破行将钱交给了正在大厅值班的田行长,委托他将钱交还给失主。心细的田行长回想起,上午有一位刚从国外回来的刘阳(化名)女士在这里存钱,估量这钱就是她丢的。当日下战书1时,刘阳赶到银行,将钱如数拿回,korean style