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We had an opportunity today to take a look at the first Google Glass competitor, Vuzix Glasses. At first glance they look like no more than a large glorified bluetooth headset, but once you look closer you notice that there's a bit more involved with these. The basic idea behind Vuzix is to have a complete device with its own processor and memory -- running Android, of course -- that will interface with your smartphone via bluetooth to display information. It also has a speaker for your year as well as a front-facing camera for stills and video.

Android Central @ CES

The display is not see-through (like Google Glass plans to be,) but rather meant to be out of the normal field of view and glanced at occasionally. The units we looked at today were non-working prototypes, but the expectation is to have the display show a complete mirror of whatever app is running on the tethered phone. We're not so sure how the navigation will work, with only a few buttons on the top of the glasses used for all operations.

There wasn't much information as far as a release date or working prototypes were concerned (welcome to CES,) but the planned retail price is supposed to end up under $500. We've also got several more pictures and a video for you to take a look at after the break.


Android Central Android Central

Android Central Android Central

Android Central Android Central


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Hands on with Google Glass competitor Vuzix Glasses


it will be interesting to see whether Google glass(or a similar product) gains mass adoption,either way things like Google glass,and now Vuzix,has certainly peaked my interest.:)

Dude idk. Ppl that trot around the grocery store with their blue tooth head sets are already pretty big douchers. I can't imagine this thing....

How long until outlawed whilst driving? Don't get me wrong, it Should be outlawed and the sooner the better.

If we outlaw these.. Outlaw car navigation outlaw car dashboards.. Outlaw car heads up displays... This is ridiculous why do ppl beg to have the government outlaw things before we even know the impact. And if we can use any of the other devices without causing car-mocide. I'm sure this will be no different. In my field of view is in my field of view regardless if it's on my head. Or on the dash of My car

I'm calm It's just plain stupid.. Every time something new comes out ban it you can't be trusted doing the same thing you do now.. But ina different way ban it congress/parliament etc must save you from you

Losing faith in humanity, these things should not exist, I should not have to punch people in the face for wearing these.

so if it mirrors my phone, I can save 5 bills by just looking down on my phone instead!

This is hardly a competitor to Glass, doesnt do what Glass does, shouldnt even be in the same sentence as Glass, puhleeez