Dacor oven

$12,000 to burn? Check out this Android-powered smart stove

Android Central @ CESIt's almost a year to the day since we first laid eyes on Dacor's Android-powered oven — and like any good Android device, it's time for the yearly upgrade. The cookware company's latest smart oven — the Discover IQ Dual Fuel — still runs Android 4.0.3 (with Google Play, no less), but it's grown a few new features over the past twelve months. For starters, you can now control the oven remotely through the Dacor app on Google Play or the iOS app store, even when you're out of your home. For added security, Dacor says there are safeguards in place to prevent the oven going over a certain temperature, so you needn't worry about hackers gaining access to your kitchen.

Essentially we're still looking at an entry-level tablet strapped to the front of an oven — Dacor's latest is Google Play certified and can run many standard Android apps, though clearly no-one's expecting you to start playing Angry Birds or writing emails from the front of your stove.

You'll need to burn a fair amount of cash to get onboard the smart oven bandwagon, though. Dacor's high-end Discover IQ Dual Fuel will set you back $11,999, while the cheaper single and dual oven models sell for $4,299 and $7,933 respetively. Check out our mitts-on video and gallery after the break.

Dacor oven

Dacor oven

Dacor oven

Dacor oven

Dacor oven


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Hands-on with Dacor's second-gen Android oven


I had no idea know why, but my first thought was that the
Android-powered kitchen oven would become a murder weapon.

Imagine a cheating spouse turning on the oven from hundreds
of miles away to get rid of a husband/wife that he/she no
longer wants.

Well the android part of the range does not operate the gas valves on the cooktop portion of it. You only use it to operate the electric ovens. Also the unit has mechanical high temperature switches that automatically shut down the oven if they sense the heat to high.

I think they, and their pictures, indicate that the stove and the oven both have independent controllers.

Now if they would just make an induction stove top my future kitchen will be amazing

I was thinking it was an oven powered by a few HTC rezounds streaming YouTube videos. Couple of those phones would cook a turkey.

Posted via Android Central App

Wow. My S3 could do that in my pocket with the screen off.

StealthDroid - Working on his Nexus 7 in the Nexus Lab

Propane, natural gas or electric?

sent from my DROID Eris, made by Nokia, powered by iOS 7 via BBM

The oven is electric, the gas burners can be either gas or propane depending on the configuration you order it.

I know this because I'm the designer ;-) (and no I'm not kidding)

Being in the Google play certification of elgoog HQ it must have looks abit out of place

Imagine it. You have a S5 a HTC 2 and a nexus 6 sitting on a table. Then there is this F*CKING OVEN JUST SITTING THERE waiting to be certified. My next question is what did they cook to certify it. :p

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So, in 5 years when they no longer support it and the screen dies, I just throw away a 12 thousand dollar oven?

Until these things become actually smart and can monitor the food internal temperature and basicly autopilot cook a meal...I do not see the point.

Actually our ovens come with meat probe that will monitor internal temperature of meat. You'll be able to change the screen if it breaks or fails.

Modern screens should not die in the usable lifetime of such an oven, especially LCD with LED backlight.