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Tablets appear to be a dime a dozen now a days so a tablet has to be pretty unique in order to stand out in this market. Pantech announced earlier today their 8-inch tablet dubbed the Pantech Element, and you may be wondering what makes this one unique. Featuring an 8-inch touchscreen, and running a lightly skinned Honeycomb the device sure sounds like an ordinary device. However, unlike many other tablets, this device is waterproof, meaning if you want to use it in the rain, or by the pool you don't have to fear the device getting wet and rendering it useless.

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At an 8-inch size the device fits nicely in the hand, though a bit awkward at how tall it is compared to wide, but nothing that would sway a purchase decision. The device moves throughout the OS rather fluidly, and I noticed very little lag. Pantech says they will be updating the device to run Ice Cream Sandwich, but unfortunately no timeframe for that update. Releasing on Jan 22 ($299 on contract, but if you buy it with the Pantech Burst it's $249 for both!) and running on the AT&T 4G LTE network you will definitely want to stay tuned for our video hands on. Hit the break for more images.

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Hands-on with the Pantech Element


Sorry. I don't trust the Pantech brand at all. They make subpar products and I'm sure this device will be no different. I feel the same about them as I do knock-off brands at the store. PASS.

Do you mean it won't be waterproof as advertised, or what?

I expect that if AT&T want to use this device to sell their 4G service, they will likely offer good support. I may wrong, but am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt...

I mean it will be a subpar device that isn't up to snuff with the price point. I mean that there are plenty of other choices that are much better than what Pantech offers, as usual, at the same price.

Looks like a Small HP Touchpad with android..

But Pantech is a trusted brand.. just not for high end devices.. they should stick to their budget/prepaid phones

When you say its waterproof I think you can put it under water. Normally when just rain and pool side water cant hurt it I always thought of Splash-proof. But thats just me.

Now I see with the newer post that it can go into water for a short time. I stand corrected. It is waterproof.