LG Optimus G Pro.

The LG wireless charger (WCP-300) boasts 'world's smallest' status

It only makes sense that the LG Optimus G Pro, which bares a striking resemblance to another 5.5-inch Android phone/tablet mash-up, should also ape a few accessories along the way. The G Pro does precisely that with its own flip cover, which we took a look at this morning at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Android Central at Mobile World Congress

The flip cover -- well, it's a flip cover. It replaces the battery cover on the G Pro, then wraps around the front of the phone, starting at the hinge. There's a cutout for the home button, and the volume rocker is still accessible through the hinge, with little indicators to show you where it is.

The flip cover comes in number of colors and textures, and they're a nice addition to the Optimus G Pro.

LG Optimus G Pro Accessories.

We also got a look at LG's wireless charging puck (WCP-300). It's a simple affair. It lies flat on a desk, and the phone goes on top of it. That's it. It's not specific to any phone, so as long as you've got something that's Qi-compatible, it should work. It's a different animal than, say, the wireless charger for the Nexus 4 (another LG product, but Google's baby), and it's a perfectly viable option.


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Hands-on with the LG Optimus Pro flip cover and wireless charging puck


I expect the puck will work with the Nexus 4. Am I correct (not like the Nokia QI chargers that don't have a high enough current)?

Can I hook up the charger to any micro usb cable? Is seems very slim, looks like I could hang it in my car so my phone automatically starts charging as soon as I put it in my car kit.

I'm not impressed at all. It's one thing to incorporate some ideas to compete, it's another to make your phone EXACTLY and COMPLETELY like the competitor. The only differene is literately the branding. Hell even the home button is designed exactly the same.

the phone is similar to the note 2 but the home button is noting like it. yeah its almost shaped the same but if you watched the video when the phone is on the charger the home button lights up. pretty positive the note 2 doesnt do that. so the home button is not "designed exactly the same". and also the note 2 doesnt cut on automatically when the flip cover is opened.

Hopefully the charging puck will be reasonably priced, the Nexus 4 charger is way overpriced to only be a charger.

Agreed, even though most QI chargers nowadays are pretty expensive. I just can't fathom shelling out $60 for a charger that is going to charge my phone slower than being wired. As well as paying 1/5 the price of the phone for a charger.

IMO At $60 maybe 15% of people will buy the charger. $40 is the sweet spot around 35-50% will buy the charger, and at $30 60-70% of people will buy the charger, maybe more. These are all just numbers that don't mean anything though.

In time..

Did you try the Nexus 4 on that Puck? Decided against the Nexus version after reading about some issues with the phone staying connected once the sticky pad gets dusty. Was also considering the other LG QI charger available at Verizon.

What is the point of the home button cutout on the case? Is it so that you can see the home button light up when charging?

This is what I'm guessing. Maybe the lights around the home button also serves as a notification light.

Can't be sure the home button lights up, it could easily have been some light bleed from that security USB thing, and given that it was the same colour, I'd say that was most likely.

I would say the button cut out is so you can answer calls without flipping the case open.

The problem with these wireless chargers is that they charge SLOWLY. For instance the Note 2 wall charger draws 2.1 amps while the Qi Wireless Charger for the Note 2 draws only .5 amps. So basically if your phone is on it will be draining as fast or faster than it is charging. If you are playing music or watching Netflix fogetaboutit.

Also if you are wired you can pick up the phone and still power up as you speak. With these wireless chargers you are off power.

To me they are a gimmick to sell phones but really not very useful.

I really like that entire design package. The phone has big time specs, very sharp looking,a little smaller than the Note 2, I believe it comes with 32gb of int memory with the sd card support where as the Note 2 never gave the US market anything above the 16gb of int memory. The Note 2 gave the Korean market 64gb of int memory when the Note 2 first came out. I wanted so bad the 64gb version, checked everywhere but no luck. What gives with cutting the US market out of all the great features, must be those damn Carriers.