Hands-free Google Voice Search hits desktop Chrome beta

Just say "Ok Google"

Google Voice Search has been slowly rolling out to the Google Chrome browser for some time now, and now the beta version is just listening for your command. The listening search box is present on Google.com and in new blank tabs, and just like with the Google Now Launcher it is always listening for the command "Ok Google". Say that and Google Voice Search springs to life, waiting for you to perform a search, set a timer, or whatever else it is you want to do through Google.

The latest beta version has the option enabled, though according to the Google Chrome Blog the feature "will be rolled out to English (U.S.) users on Windows, Mac and Linux over the next few days, with support for additional languages and Chrome OS coming soon."

All you need is the latest Chrome beta for your hands-free Googling, and you can download that right here

Source: Google Chrome Blog

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Gekko says:

i've had this feature for a long time now, Kressler.

albeit with the Google Voice Search Hotword Chrome Extension.

Yep. No extension needed now, just a beta version of the browser, Grekko.

engineerga says:

Kressler/Grekko ;-p

Wicket says:

cool, that's what had me confused too, I like the no extension needed part. thanks for the heads up.

still1 says:

That would be awesome... one less extension

worknman says:

And still can't do this on Nexus devices. Google, you fail :P


... Can you not do it with the Google Now Launcher?

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worknman says:

Not hands free.

It's hands free... so long as the phone is turned on and you're in Google Now or the launcher.

engineerga says:

I imagine one day Google will have voice activated searching on so many things I have on me and around me that they will have to communicate via bluetooth (or some other low-power, short-range protocol) so I will only have one answering my questions and commands instead of the whole room doing searches simultaneously.

gwhizkids says:

What do you mean "one day"? I've already had my phone start searching when I was really trying to use this on my iPad! Crazy!

sunlifexxx says:

was trying it out on my desktop, but my Motox wants to look up , wish I could change the activation word on one of them kind of funny .

If you have Norton Identity Protection extension , Chrome Beta will delete it. So I'm waiting until it comes out of Beta.

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Matt Behnken says:

I wish the mic to click on was on the address bar so I didn't have to go to Google.com first. Seems like an obvious oversight

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