LG G2 Mini fits into a weird, but targeted place in the smartphone spectrum

Mobile World Congress

Let's just put this out in the open here. We're a bit perplexed by the prospect of the LG G2 Mini, which we've just taken a look at here at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. On paper, it's not exactly a scaled-down version of the LG G2 — more like a scaled down, under-spec'd model, actually. A mere 4.7 inches — but at qHD 960x540 resolution. Whereas the G2 has a Snapdragon 800 processor, the G2 Mini sports either a Qualcomm MSM8926, or an NVIDIA Tegra 4i (not insignificant, but also not exaclty hard-core). A mere 8GB of total on-board storage, 1GB of RAM — but with a 13-megapixel camera, minus some features.

The LG G2 Mini is, simply put, not a smaller version of the high-end G2. What it basically is, however, is a lower-cost device, somewhere in between the even-lower L series (that's not what L stands for, but we can't help but make that distiction now). That's a murky area — but also not all that surprising given that it appears to be targeted for specific regional markets. That's something to keep in mind, we suppose.

But, bottom line? Not the worst "affordable" device we've ever seen. Low-end certainly isn't as low as it used to be.


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Hands-on with the LG G2 Mini


I suppose anything made for a developing market is not supposed to be impressive. If this was like $150 in a 3rd world country it would be an OK option.

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I'll bet it will make it to the states but on Prepaid or entry level smartphone.
It still sucks and you better be prepared to accept the devices as is without future updates.

The name is misleading nontheless. "Mini" should refer to a physically smaller than average phone, not a gimped one.

Good budget device, good starter device

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I think that they should make it with a 720p display and the snapdragon s4 pro or snapdragon 600
That would make it a better device. If it's cheap like the moto g, this is okay for the money.

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budget phone or not i am tired of these mini's that do not have the same specs as the higher end one give folks a choice to get a mini with the same specs as the lg g2 sony did it right with theirs i don't get why LG and Samsung does this fine to still offer these dumbed down versions but also offer the real mini twin of your flagship for those that want the smaller screen and form

I agree I love my G2 but LG dropped the ball on this one. Sony nailed it and probably the only mini that has near identical specs as the flagship.

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I like how the on screen buttons rotate with changes in orientation.

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I'd take the Moto G. The "G" definitely has more going for it. Not to mention, this will probably be more expensive than the "G."

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The Nexus 4 absolutely destroys this, lol.

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It's the qHD display at 4.7 that for one makes it only NOT a mini phone at all, but also makes it even worse. The size vs resolution discrepancy is just too large. Would it really be that hard to make 4.3-4.5" phones with decent specs? Something like 720p display, Snapdragon 600, at least 1.5 GB of RAM?

I would like to see more "mini" phones which are 6cm wide at most. These hobbled monsters are neither small enough nor powerful enough -- the worst combination.