TweetCaster from Handmark

Handmark's TweetCaster Twitter application is now live in the Android Market. (If you missed it, be sure to check out our review.) TweetCaster features support for multiple Twitter accounts, geolocation, searches and all of your other favorite Twitter features.

A free, advertising-based version is available, and there's a premium (ad-free) version of TweetCaster available for $4.99 in the Android Market. Note: You need to install the free version first, and then the upgrade key, to go ad-free. Download links below.

TweetCaster free
TweetCaster Free

TweetCaster upgrade
TweetCaster upgrade
There are 21 comments

technologic says:

Other than it not being able to view my lists, the ui looks great...

kmatheny says:

It's also not showing my lists. I don't remember this issue while I was beta testing it. Something to look into, that hopefully will get fixed soon.

kmatheny says:

Has anyone noticed that the Upgrade Key is marked as free in the Market?

That'll be changing to $4.99 at some point today.

Candace says:

Whew... I'm happy I downloaded the key for the $FREE.99, lol. Great app and definitely worth the $4.99 upgrade, but even better for free.

NDN says:

Is there anyway to share tweets via sms or email like twidroid? Haven't seen myself. It is a very nicely. Done app.

angelus788 says:

Nice UI, one thing I noticed, the app is not auto retrieving tweets regardless of the settings you select. In order to receive tweets I have to manually refresh. I'm on a Nexus One btw. Anyone having a similar issue?

kmatheny says:

I haven't used TweetCaster on the N1, but on my Droid it seems to refresh how it should. I do so much on Twitter that there's constantly something new popping up, so it's hard for me to tell if the timing is off on the auto refresh.

This blog post is an EPIC FAIL for usability. Doesn't anybody actually USE Android around here? You wrote up a whole article without an link to the product. I love QR codes, but they really are not helpful when they turn up on your device screen! Instead of linking the QR code to the market, you linked it to a help page. Thanks but I knew what it was, but I can't use my device to take a picture of itself!

lol. In the time you took to write that you could have searched for "TweetCaster" in the market.

Anonymous says:

my new default twitter app. it just needs video support and commented retweets. so glad i got it for free last night!

Anonymous says:

Really liking the UI on this one... Going to have to Erase Twidroid for a little bit and go with this one!!

Chris says:

I'm getting this error when I launch the app on my Moto Droid.

"A protocol error has occurred. Code 400: Rate limit exceeded. Clients may not make more than 0 requests per hour."

Anyone know how to fix it?

Terry says:

I am getting this too. I guess we could contact support - :\

RDub says:

I just searched for it and for some reason it's gone...can anyone else find it right now?

Anonymous says:

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Step up yr game !

benr says:

We may Twitter but at least we can write in complete words. I mean really .. only a retard can't type YOU.

We'll step up our games when you type in complete and coherent sentences. You got it? :P

Candace says:

Well said...

keith says:

Was having fun with the app and enjoying it but then it stopped working. Checking the reviews in the market it appears to be everyone.

Anonymous says:

While the UI is nice it's not worth the $4.99 price and a UI does not make a program. Twidroid while the ui is not as nice is far better.

Anonymous says:

hehe, "don't you people know whats going on in the world?" really, yes I would say most of us do, but what does what I choose to do with my free time or money concern you? And what are you doing to contribute to "WHAT" is going on in the world? Besides surfing porn and jerking off in your mothers basement!
btw, really nice(beautiful)gui and seems to work fine on the Droid, no not as many options as Twidroid, but it's still in it's early stages. Which is why I believe it's not worth the four dollars either. I don't think I would ever give four dollars for any app of this sort anyways.
sorry for responding that lame post, but I just don't see how any world saving, self promoting hypocrite has time to be trolling android websites, unless you saw this in your twitter feed...