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The launch of Grand Theft Auto III on Android was a pretty big deal, but initially a lot of devices couldn't play it. Todays update among other features adds compatibility for the Asus Transformer Prime. 

Support is also added for the Medion Lifetab, but even better is the added support for the Gamestop Wireless Controller. Controls are also improved for currently supported gamepads, and for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. New video display settings help you to tailor the visuals to your particular tastes. 

And the final piece of the puzzle is that the game can now be installed to an SD card. For some this will be a most welcome update. Download links can be found after the break. 


Reader comments

GTA III updated, now compatible with Transformer Prime


How about a refund? I bought it when it first came out and they later decided it wasn't compatible with my device (it wasn't, as it crashed after the intro video). It doesn't show up in my purchased items at all now. I'm not sure whether I'm more pissed at Rockstar or Google for this blatant theft.

Very exciting and brings me back to my misspent youth. Quick question, how can I pair my PS3 (Sixaxis) controller with my Prime without having the keyboard dock? I know I can do it if I'm rooted, but my Prime isn't rooted yet - waiting for the unlock tool from Asus. Any suggestions?

The Unlock tool will allow you to install custom Roms. It is not required for root. Head over to XDA to get viperBoy's Root tool. It can be done in seconds.

Don't bother you can only move around with the six axis you can't shoot steak or anything just go let right up and down -_- I pay it on my Dell 7

What happened to the EVO 3D? I know there was an issue with multi touch, but I figured out the fix. It has to do with lock screen apps. Some thought it was the screen itself. If anyone would like to know the fix let me know.

I had this game working on my 3D, then had to send it back to HTC for a problem with the screen, then the game was gone from the market.

I have the files on my phone that they make you download to the sd card, but the main game off the market is what I need. That main download.

It sucks because it ran pretty smooth on my EVO 3D. Does anyone know if this might come back for my phone? If it is the multitouch then I can show how to fix that. Please put it back for the HTC EVO 3D.