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One of the more popular games as of late, Granny Smith, has just received an interesting update to make its latest levels easier to complete. Following many user complaints that the new "space" levels were too difficult, game developer Mediocre released the update to ease the pain of the tough levels.

It's a tough line to walk if you're a game developer, not wanting your so-called "casual" game to be too difficult, but again you don't want to overdo it and make the levels too easy. Either way you're likely to have some users disappointed by the difficulty of the game. Mediocre saw the response and reacted to user input, which is something that needs to be noted regardless.

If you've yet to try out Granny Smith, it's certainly still worth a purchase and you can find it at the Google Play Store link above.


Reader comments

Granny Smith updated to make latest levels easier


I was actually happy to see some difficulty added. It was a nice change of pace to actually finish the level first and get a feel for the pace and not worry about the 3 apples just yet. Disappointed they took that challenge away, but I certainly won't be updating until I finish all the space levels as first designed. :)

Agreed. I was enjoying the added difficulty. I shouldn't be able to beat a level with all 3 apples on my first try. I wish I had read this before I upgraded

I think its sad that they did this because people were giving them 1 star in the store because it was too hard. Too bad the update didn't have an option for hard or easy for those who like a challenge. This is what you get for all the kids who get trophies for not winning a game, pampered and can't face challenges cause they think its too hard. I didn't go to state for wrestling because the rules were bent in my favor, I got my ass kicked which pushed me to do better and worked harder metally and physically to win. Do or Do Not, there is no Try....