DT-900 chargers

Got an Android that's Qi wireless charger compatible? If so, hit up your local AT&T store, because right now they are the best place to buy an authentic Nokia DT-900 charging plate. Why, you ask? Because they are having a sale where you can pick one up for just $5.

We called around, and most stores said they were out of stock, so you should do the same. But once we found a store that still has them on-hand, they were happy to sell them to us for just 500 pennies. That's about $10 cheaper than even most daily deal sites, and well worth ringing up your local AT&T store to see if they have a few (at just $5, buy a couple!) laying around.

It's the best $5 you'll spend today.

Thanks, Jgbstetson for the heads-up!

plus tax

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makie says:

Aww.. eveything is so cheap in the US.

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deparson says:

Including our politicians!

Heh, except for the wireless service from AT&T ;)

But really, this is a nearly fluke-level deal. The DT-900 had a high price when it was announced just like everywhere else in the world.

sibeans says:

Does this work well with the Nexus 4?

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Works fine with my Nexus 4, 5 and 7. The 4 is a bit tricky because it can slide off with the glass, but that's pretty much true with any charger and that phone.

sibeans says:

thx, I had a finicky experience before with trying to charge the n4 with a bumper case on...guess I'll be making a trip to a retail store later today

dtungsten says:

It doesn't work well with my Nexus 4. I still have one that I paid $20 for hoping to use it as a spare charger at work or something, but apparently my N4 is one that it doesn't work with. I hear some work fine with it.

sibeans says:

just snagged the last one! which is the white model that matches my white n4! it works (and seems to charge faster that the orb so far), you just have to find the sweet spots

sibeans says:

Correction: the nokia charging plate charges the n4 significantly slower than the Nexus Orb

rxnelson says:

Not in my experience. It will charge for a bit and eventually quit.

JwK_ says:

Not well at all, see my old video:

Clak says:

All out around me. I already have one, but I would have bought another for that price.

tannerrblake says:

I called my store and they had one, but it was $25. Do I have to bring up the sale?

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Nope, they scanned it for me and it rang up at $5 without any special code or sale item.

tannerrblake says:

Ahh, just called back and they rung it up for $5. Just picked one up!

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mmark27 says:

Still $50 at our stores :-(

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Sold out everywhere where I live

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Also available, at least through the premier store with free 2 day shipping. Just got 4 fatboys for $5 each.

hotzb22 says:

Hmmmm how did you find it

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vividrich says:

Thanks for the tip, just grabbed two of these myself!

hotzb22 says:

how did you find it do you have a link

vividrich says:

I logged into my AT&T account, went to 'shop', and chose accessories. I get a corporate discount, and it was at this point that I was at the Premier page and instead of being signed in as me, it was as my company name. At this point I had to choose manufacturer, which displayed a bunch of Nokia phones. I've no idea which Nokia phones are Qi compatible, so I googled the charger and the 920 came up as the first hit I saw, so I clicked on that and kept scrolling until I found the charger. The 'continue' button is way down the bottom of the page.

hotzb22 says:

thanks it worked

enoch861 says:

AT&T Premier is for businesses.
Too bad I don't have a business and they seem to insist on running a credit check which I don't want.
I wanted to pick up a few of these things.

Impulses says:

Meh, it's almost too good to pass up... But I already got all the wireless chargers I need (Nexus one for bedside, upright Nokia one for desk, LG puck for living room), even gave away a Samsung one I got a while ago. I guess for $5 I could try experimenting with placing it in the car... But they don't use standard USB cables do they? Hrm.

Yeah sadly they use their own proprietary connector. For $5 it was worth having a back-up just in case mine craps out down the road.

GoBucks811 says:

Just picked a few up even though I already have one. I'll find other places to put them.

twolastnames says:

Any non att customers get one? I'm gonna stop by one and try.

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No need to be an AT&T customer.

tcournoy says:

I hadn't planned on leaving my apartment tonight so I could just play Watch Dogs in my underwear. Way to get me to put on pants!

I picked up two of these to go with my Tylt Vu and LG WCP-300. Qi FTW!

AlwaysSmile says:

Is it possible to get online?

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GoBucks811 says:

It is available online but the price shows $24.99. I picked one up awhile back on their website for around $15 I think. The stores have them on closeout.

lathamc says:

Try calling customer care. They ordered one for me, gave me free standard shipping. The rep offered to give me overnight shipping, but I told her not to waste money on it!

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att_guy says:

Good deal, just picked up two myself. One for the bedroom and maybe ill put one somewhere around the house. This should make this way more convenient, thanks for the heads up jerry.

Fussolia says:

Thanks! Picked one up.

lathamc says:

None of the AT&T stores around me have one in stock and the website wouldn't let me order one. I called customer care, and I got it for $5.41 (including tax) and shipped for free!

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wunderbar says:

I have my N5 sitting on one of these as I type this. I keep that one sitting on my coffee table. Good little charger. Too bad that it's a proprietary cable and the power brick is a bit large, but It's pretty solid otherwise.

Trollolol says:

I once said these things will soon be cheaper than my subway sandwich. Everyone laughed at me.
Guess I get the last laugh lol

lathamc says:

I have a Galaxy S5 with an Otterbox Commuter. I just ordered one of these, so I'm assuming I'll have to change cases. Is the Otterbox Symmetry good with the Samsung wireless changing back cover? Should I call AT&T back and see if I can get a second one?

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demontooth says:

I have used an Otterbox Defender on my s4 and it still charges on my powerbot hockey puck.

lathamc says:

I wonder how it will work with the S5. I think it is thicker than the original. The camera is now recessed in the back...

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srkmagnus says:

Just picked up 4 at $5 each. Thanks for the heads up.

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Got the last one in my store. They didn't even know they were going for so low! Its the only one I have so I am excited to see how it will help me out. It will probably stay home with my wife.

aiversonx3 says:

Thanks for heads up awesome awesome deal, and only spent my beer money :D

Dave_k says:

Picked one up, works great on my vzw g2 running cm

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dling71 says:

Thank you Jerry! I just picked up 5 fat boys and 2 of the DT-900.....saved a breeze :)

namdude0373 says:

I called my two local stores and they were out of stock.. Aw man.. Maybe another day, or I'll buy one for $20 on amazon.

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prissysox says:

I ordered one of the DT-900 and three Fatboys from online. $5 each. Free shipping. Now they just need to clearance the JBL Power up.

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mjt008 says:

How did you get the price to $5 online? I even contacted customer service and they told me they could only do the $25 the site showed. THanks

prissysox says:

It showed up in my premier account.

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mjt008 says:

You can now order one online through att.com for the $5 price without a premiere account and choose instore pickup or free delivery from the store. Online inventory is sold out.

nldr says:

And also a 10% discount if you order more than one...

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mjt008 says:

True, I forgot to mention that but I did order more than one and noticed that as well.

Just got 4 of them for $16.01! Sweet!

prissysox says:

They didn't give me the 10% discount when I ordered. Also, my chargers had yet to ship. When I called to check they gave me a $25 credit on my bill. Free chargers!!!

smwinn7 says:

Thank you so much for the tip I managed to get one this afternoon.

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jdevenberg says:

I bought 4! Great deal!

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Analyss14 says:

I seriously regret paying close to $70 for my Tylt Vu. the tilt is fine but so not worth the extra $30-$40 above the average charger.

dcjose48 says:

Even after hours of seeing this post I decided to buy one and my local store had them in stock so I bought 3 and received 25% off each one. So my total was around $11...crazy deal

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wewe611 says:

Some stores in the Philadelphia area still have them in stock. I just ordered 2 black.

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ldkud50 says:

Just ordered 4 through Premier. All colors are available for that price.

ikealike800 says:

Just logged into AT&T website this morning and found 4 at a local store. Recived an additional 25% discount for buying 3 accessories. Can't beat 4 for $15.94. Now I just need to figure out how to power one of these in my car.

Widows Son says:

Just got 4 thru store pickup in NY, though only stores that have them are in the Bx. literally went from 8 stores to 3 after one click lol...$16.33

mzambrana says:

My local store has like 5 or 6 of them but they are still for 50$!!!!! The guy told me it was an online thing only.

pwyand says:

yea my phone is not even wireless charging compatible and I picked one up! Anyone have any experience with the cheap wireless charger adapters that plug into the usb?

They were marked 49.95 but rang up as $5.00 in the POS, but there was another model that seemed to be in a bigger box that was regular price.

ozpain2 says:

Thank you Jerry HILDENBRAND!!!

evostudios says:

I only have 1 AT&T store by me and sadly they didn't have it. They had the DT-910 for $69...nooo thanks

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toramorigan says:

Went to the store in Daytona right after seeing the article. (Irony, considering I had just left there with my roommate.)
Sadly, they were sold out.

Went down to the Port Orange store, roughly a fifteen-twenty minute drive from Daytona, and waited almost an hour to be seen.

Luckily, they had one available, and in black! Best impulse buy (besides getting a Chromecast at BestBuy at $30) EVER.

Thanks AC!

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melaski7399 says:

Just pick up 3 online. Not even an att customer, sweet!!!

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Just picked up 4 for $16.20 I got 25% off by buying 4 accessories.

choclab1 says:

Thanks for the heads up. Had to go an hour away but it was worth it. Have a question this.

Why they make that power supply so big? ???