The Bard's Tale

If you're looking for an epic action RPG to get into and have had your eye on The Bard's Tale, now is as good a time as any to pick it up. The game which, will keep you occupied for around 20-30 hours if you play through it all, is on sale right now in the Google Play Store for only $2.99 -- that's half price from it's original launch price of $5.95 in case you were wondering. You'll want to check your available device space however as this one comes in at over 3.5GB when all is said and downloaded.


Reader comments

Grab all the medieval debauchery you can handle with The Bard's Tale, on sale now for only $2.99


This game looks great, stunning really, but come on. 3.5gb. With storage a big concern for most people without expandable storage, this is troubling. Its a domino effect. This game goes out there....3.5gb strong. People download it, people may or may not like it but no matter that because the flood gates will be opened. Other developers will see that a 3.5gb app has been downloaded and they think, well, my app needs to be that big too. This is just the beginnning of apps on Android becoming the bloated space hogs that programs are on PC's. And what with data caps and limited storage on many devices, this needs to be nipped in the bud before it gets out of hand. I know the flames will come, but we are talking about a mobile environment here. As such, there will always be storage and bandwidth concerns and app writers need to keep that in mind. IMHO, Google made a serious mistake lifting the app size requirement. Going from 50mb to unlimited was too big of a jump. I played Dark Meadow on my Prime but I wound up removing it after a short while because it took up too much space and that was only about 1gb total. Not to mention, most people using portable devices for gaming are doing so because they want to burn some time. This is the kind of game that reminds me of my PC gamer days where I would spend hours, many hours, sitting in front of my computer wasting away the time. Mobile gaming should not go there....

Pipe down!

If you bought an 8 or 16GB Nexus with no mSD card, too bad. I'm tired of hearing how that is such a good direction for Google to go only to constantly hear people bellyaching whenever an app grows past 18MB.

Those of us with 32GB phones and mSD slots welcome game developers that are ready to put real substance into their games.

I bought it, and I installed the "HD" version!


To be fair, they give an option to download a "Standard" assets package (about 1.7gb, iirc) and an "HD" package. (I went for HD)

The Bard's Tale is a port of a Playstation 2 game that was shipped on DVD. I think it's great that they managed to shrink it down to only 3.5GB.

You can expect a lot more of this going forward as more and more Android devices can handle console-quality games. Just make sure to never buy a device that doesn't let you expand your storage with SD cards and/or USB-to-go.

Hey Suntan, re-read my post. I said I have a Transformer Prime which comes with 32gb storage. I didnt mention that I had a 64 gb microSD card also running in the slot, so storage isnt my problem. All I was saying is this is a mobile platform. You have a game that is running 3.5gb fat plus I'm sure it takes up extra storage during gameplay. We dont need 5 and 10gb games being released for mobile platforms and that is whats going to happen if the game developers arent held in check. Yes, its great that the game was squeezed down to 3.5gb from whatever it was on the disc but that's still way too fat. Not to mention that mobile is for .... you know, times when you can't sit on Your fat duff and waste away your life. Mobile is meant for those times when you just want to kill a few minutes while waiting for the wife in the shoe department (ok, my wife would probably take enough time I could play the whole of Bards tale but thats just me) or while picking up the kids at karate.... you know, real world life stuff. I used to do the marathon gaming sessions on my PC. But I grew up and realized there was a world out there. I'm guessing you havent had that yet so maybe one day we will see you on youtube falling into a water fountain in a mall because you cant peel yourself away from your phone screen.