Grab 9 photo editing apps for free today from the Amazon Appstore

Today and today only you can grab nine free photo editing apps from the Amazon Appstore. All told the apps add up to just under $16 worth, but if you so desire they can be yours for the low low price of zero dollars and zero cents. Of course, you'll need to have the Amazon Appstore installed on your Android device (or your Kindle Fire, where it comes pre-installed. As an added bonus, each of the apps comes with 100 free Amazon coins that are credited to your Amazon account that you can use to buy other things in the Appstore. So, really, it's more like $24.92 in free apps and Amazon Appstore credit if you download everything.

Here are the photography apps that Amazon is offering today for free:

If you've downloaded these, let us know what you think!

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munnarg says:

No thanks. I have zero need for the Amazon appstore. I'd rather buy them in the Play Store honestly.

geoff5093 says:

Same here, I hate, hate buying apps from multiple sources, then you are forever tied to having both stores installed.

mwara244 says:

All the apps you download for free gives you 100 amazon coins per app for free you can use it to buy music and videos as well as other apps. Free stuff, that's $9 for just clicking the apps on your PC

ScottJ says:

These kinds of naysayers are as predictable as the seasons on this type of article.

Amazon coins can only be used in the Appstore, so no mp3 or Amazon Instant Video purchases.

Dolly Caper says:

The email Amazon sent me said I could in fact use my coins for MP3s and albums.
Ah, but I think you're right - it probably won't give us free songs as I checked and there was nothing but apps. :/

primetechv2 says:

Don't you need a 1st-generation Kindle for that opportunity? I searched for it, and that's what it looks like Amazon said.

Leelo124 says:

I used these apps to abuse the amazon coin system today :P
After "buying" these free apps I used all the free coins to buy GTA San Andreas which netted me another 2000 coins that I used on GTA 3, GTA VC plus Minecraft (it gives you 300 coins back)
and I'm still 800 coins ahead lol.

cloud12077 says:

That is exactly what I just did.

TheDu9du says:

i'm doing it right now XD

bobbob1016 says:

It worked. Although, I didn't get the other GTA's as I have them on GPlay already.

ScottJ says:

Yeah...did it too. I can't even play San Andreas but I'll still come out ahead.

Unfortunately San Andreas isn't compatible with my devices, anyone know if the fire TV is compatible. That plus the game controller would be sweet.

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Leelo124 says:

The amazon page for San Andreas says that Fire tv support was added in the latest update. :)

Even if it's incompatible with your device you still get the Amazon coins. I did this myself and can confirm it works. I had 540 coins before and now I have 2741 coins.

grydlok says:

I never thought about the coins, I just used them to get me GTA SA free also. lol

vrtladept says:

Yes, The coins that you get on this are worth the purchase!

Plex is another app you can use to stretch this further (costs 499 coins, gives 150 coins back)

05GT says:

Can't beat the free coins!

Audemars02 says:

Just played around with TouchRetouch! This app is awesome! It will basically erase unwanted parts of a picture. It could be a tree, a could, people, fix a crack in the sidewalk, etc. So easy to use and very powerful. They have some youtube tutorials that are worth the 5 minutes to watch

bsinc1962 says:

TouchRetouch is awesome. I've been using it for 3 years and it's amazing what it will do. We took a wedding picture in the Bahamas of some colorful houses but there was an ugly car parked in front of it. Today an 8x10 hangs in our living room of those houses with the car removed and people are amazed when I show them the original.

kaiser10123 says:

Just got free apps and then the GTA with 2000 coins now have like 25$ in coins for apps on fire tablet and fire tv

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PlaidRadish says:

Great deal. Thanks for sharing, Derek ... and commenters, too!
BTW, how did you get the $24.92 figure? When I add all the free apps up I get $19.91, and it's nine apps, which gives you $9.00 in coins. That comes to $28.91 - what expense am I missing? (even if you count the 10% purchasing discount for coins, it's still $28.01).

1x250 says:

Downloaded Camera ZOOM FX and Paper Camera, other doesnt seem worth it.

05GT says:

Purchase and remove them. Free coins are free coins.

ScottJ says:

You don't even have to uninstall them. Just cancel the install after the download.

TheDu9du says:

if you do that then Amazon App will keep it in cache. I'm not a 100% sure of my statement but at least that seems to happen on my Nexus 4.

^^^THIS^^^. You can net over 2,000 coins using the GTA:San Andreas buy. I have not intention of using of the apps, but I did get the 2,000 coins. $20 for app or in-app purchases, and you have a year to spend it.

ScottJ says:

Worth free?

TheDu9du says:

unless you discount time. do it on your employer's time clock and it's like you're getting paid EXPONENTIALLY!!!!!

This is awesome! Worked for both of our Amazon accounts! I'd never play GTA:SA, but for 2,000 free coins I certainly "bought" it!

UPDATE: Just bought Monument Valley with my free coins!

TheDu9du says:

+1 your update, and got coins spent back XD XD XD XD XD

straub27 says:

same here, and sonic 2 (gives 240) and plex (150), and I still have 1900 coins, WHAT ELSE CAN I BUY!

MJKearney says:

Thanks to the very few people here who actually commented on which apps they like instead of just how to game the system.

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grydlok says:

Since I have a KindleFire HDX I have been downloading the free app of the day but never used any coins. I didn't even bother to with them until it was pointed out. So I am glad someone gamed the system because i would have downloaded a few of them and never thought twice to use the coins on something else I may want.

Suntan says:

Which one of these does the best job with cropping/resizing and saving?

All I want is an app that can crop and save a high quality copy at a selectible size.

Most of the editor apps I've tried either give extremely generic options for resizing (high, medium, low) or their jpg engine produces horrible results.

MJKearney says:

That's a good question. Lots of people seem to complain about the quality of saved images in the low cost or free editors. I suspect the PicShop Photo Editor app on this list won't be the answer, especially after reading a couple reviews pointing out this problem. It's possible you'll have to buy a more expensive app to meet your needs. Photoshop Touch claims to maintain the highest image quality on hi-res images (up to 12 mp), but it's $5. Of course, the best (but not convenient) thing to do is transfer pics to your computer and use a real photo editor. The problem is that on a big monitor you suddenly see that those beautiful pics from your phone really aren't that good!

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TheDu9du says:

legitimate question???!!!! this isn't monday.

vansmack says:

PerfectlyClear is an app I happily paid for years ago. I use it on almost every photo I take and so should you - takes the brightness away from overexposed photos and eliminates the shadows in dark ones.

Highly recommended at this price!

rap1 says:

I bought them all even the incompatible ones because of the free coins. Then I came here and saw the post about GTA which I have 0 interest in but hey more free coins so why not. I didn't even download them. I may download paper camera. I always wanted to try that one.

Dawnrider says:

You don't get this free offer in the UK!

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