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Here's one for all the kids -- and big kids-- out there. Pokemon TV has been released into the Google Play Store bringing with it hours upon hours of cartoon battling fun. We've all come across Pokemon at some point, be it on the old Nintendo Game Boy's, or the cartoons, or the trading cards, and there's probably a good few of you guys out there that will be secretly -- or not so secretly -- delighted by this.

Pokemon TV is an official application, completely free of charge, and promises fresh episodes every week. It's good for both phones and tablets, we've had no problems installing it on a range of devices, and only requires Gingerbread and above. Grab yourselves a copy at the Play Store link above, and go ahead and pretend you downloaded it for the kids. We won't tell. 

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Haha downloaded this yesterday from a tech article I read and gotta say I am planning on trying to watch them all. Unfortunately they don't have all of the episodes up for enjoyment but they change weekly and are organized by region which I thought cool. Like they said it is pretty smooth at least for me and have had no issues for the short amount of time ive had it.

MarkSeven says:

Maybe if it was Dragonball Z! Pokemon sucks.. Lol

return_0 says:


C0dy says:

The only problem I've had with the app is my on-screen navbar still shows during playback with this app. Other than that, seems pretty good.

15israellai says:

Not sure if you guys know that but it's location-restricted. At least it's not available here in Hong Kong.
Anyhow I got it in a hacky way (shush) and the only thing I'd criticise in terms of app design is the old-fashioned media controls while playing. Otherwise perfect.

C0dy says:

> and the only thing I'd criticise in terms of app design is the old-fashioned media controls while playing

Yes, I forgot about that too. The video player UI from Android 2.X and below is being used here. Not very pretty.

BobJones19 says:

I still play the Pokemon Video Games. Im having a lot of crashes on a Samsung Galaxy Tab with 4.0.4


This app is the shit!!! It's definitely bringing out the big kid in me.

return_0 says:

I read your sentence without the first "the". Lol

If anybody would be interested in playing classic Pokemon Crystal on his smartphone (android required), come check out my blog: I guarantee it will bring back all the childhood memories ;)