Around here we love Lloyd as well as Andy but we often have late night thoughts of what we, ourselves would look like as Android mascots. OK, maybe just some of us think that way but we're certain we're not alone in that thinking. Luckily, Google was onto that idea as well (or been reading our email again) and have decided to release Androidify to the Android Market. With Androidify you can create your own, modeled after you Android robot. Very cool. Jump on past the break for the promo video and download from the Android Market. [Androidify via @OOBE,Engagdet]


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Google's Androidify app helps you make your own Android robot avatars


Oh the irony... The Androidify page just crashed the Flash plugin in Google Chrome (v9 beta) - first time I've ever seen that :o

They seem tl be implying you can take a picture with the phone and it will Androidify it..which isn't the case. Still nice to see Google put out a pointless but fun app. :-)

Right up there with tha Animal Translator that Google released last year in time for April Fool's Day. Very nice and pointless.

Kind of a fun app and my 3 year old is going to love it. He loves makin miis on the Nintendo Wii so this will be right up his alley.