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Love is in the air on Google+ for Valentine's Day

It's one of those times when no matter where you are there's a feeling of love in the air. Yep, Valentine's Day is tomorrow and Google+ is offering up a special Auto Awesome animated picture for the occasion. Upload or take a photo of people kissing, and in short order you'll be notified that there's a new Auto Awesome picture waiting — this time around you'll see a nice array of animated hearts floating around the picture.

Just like Auto Awesome pictures of the past (aside from the winter snowflakes) there's no way to manually trigger the hearts being applied. Just take a picture and hope the algorithm picks it up — we think Google probably has a pretty good chance of applying hearts to all of the pictures you want. And don't worry, Auto Awesome pictures are private by default.

Source: +Erik Murphy-Chutorian

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anthony2558 says:

How special. I'm sure we could have a montage of misplaced heart photos... ;-)

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dovlek says:

Auto awesome contest anyone?

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jimbo says:

I find it difficult to post a gif to the photo contest forum. The last time I attempted to upload a gif, it was converted to a jpeg.

Any suggestions?

Andrew hasn't provided responses or posted clarifications to address people's struggles.

Another issue, I can't "attach" a photo to the contest thread when using the Forum app. I must use my PC. I'm sure others also haven't received a clarification about this issue.

Perhaps as long as many can post those needing clarification can be overlooked.

Gearu says:

A couple of boxes (on their side) will then be ticked on your advertising portfolio after achieving 1 auto awesome photo :)

Jonneh says:

Fantastic! Now I have an excuse for my weekly walk around the city snapping photos of every couple I see kiss!

Please bail me out when they catch me, guiz.

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Bwahahahaha says:

That's creepy bro...

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David Horgan says:

Will this work with a pic of me and my hand also?

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SirBobaFett says:

If you're kissing it, sure.

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NoNexus says:

I am hopeful that it learns who most peoples moms are because that could get awkward....


Will it recognize me kissing my new Nexus 5? :D

frifred says:


DoubleP90 says:

So no auto awesome for me

alexlam24 says:


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"Love is in the air" always makes me think of F-weather now.