Google+ today rolled out some interesting improvements to its web version. The biggest, obviously, is the gianormous new cover photos. What was once long and skinny is now long and not-so-skinny. (We know how it feels.) When fully expanded, the new cover photos have a 16x9 aspect ration and can be as large as 2,120px by 1,192px. That's big. So make sure your image doesn't suck.

Next is a new tab for your local reviews. If you've reviewed something in your hamlet, it'll show up here. You can use it to showcase specific reviews, or you can hide it altogether. Your call.

Editing your info also is easier now, with better separation of content in the About tab, with cards acting as category separators.

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Google+ (on the web) rolls out huge cover pics, new local reviews tab


Hey Phil - how about nobody cares that G+ shows you hanging out in some swanky hipster spot downtown, looking around to make sure there are apparently no witnesses to the crime. Let's get on that review for the One already!

Of course people use G+... It's not because some people's world is on Facebook or other network that there is no other outside with reliables perks.

Why posting so obvious troll message here btw, don't get it...

I would love to know the actual figure of people who use it because they want to and people who use it because they have to in order to do something as basic as leave a rating/review in the google play store for a free or even paid app. I have a G+ account for that reason and that reason only. I have never logged into it even one time after the initial sign up and have used a completely fake name with it yet I am included in the statistics they give out to advertisers to increase ad sales with their bloated user figures.

Kinda like those folks like myself who have Facebook profiles only because they occasionally have to respond to events that people insist on posting to that sorry excuse of a social network owned by that lying POS Mark Zuckerberg? And yes, you are a lying POS if you change your privacy policy from "We will never sell or give away your personal info" to "Screw you, we can make bank off of you and will change our privacy settings every two months and make them so confusing the guy who programmed your old VCR couldn't figure it out".

Why would I want a BIGGER cover photo? They were already too big to begin with. In fact, I don't even LIKE these cover photos on FB or G+... if I could do away with them like originally and just have a profile pic, I would. Of course, they won't allow this and put in a stupid placeholder pic if you don't select one...

I actually like this, cause its on a website, make total sense to me.
Then you can have a small cover in the app and in the web a big one, but who knows how it works.