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Although Google Wallet had some issues the other day and went down for a while it looks like there might have been a good reason for it. The app itself has just been updated and according to the change log there is improvements to the prepaid top up process but also support for "new device form factors".

The new form factor support entry is a rather interesting one, kind of makes you think there is more to this update then Google is ready to tell us right now. If you have a supported device, you should be seeing the update in the Google Play Store right now available for download.


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Google Wallet updated with support for new form factors, prepaid topup improvements


Probably your country, works fine on my Verizon Gnex. Definitely opens quicker and some simple changes, no more icon in the transactions log.

where did you get the updated .apk seeing as how last I checked Verizon gnex can't get wallet from the market.

There was a workaround for it many months ago. It involved searching the play store through the browser and tricking the phone into letting it install through the mobile play store. Do a search for GNex and Google Wallet. It should show the steps unless they have fixed it.

Avinyc, I have V Gnex. Did you do an update via the Play Store or did you get the newer APK file? If so where did you get the APK? Thanks.

Updated in google play. As someone mentioned earlier, the workaround still works to add wallet to the verizon gnex.

If you have wallet all ready installed the update will not show. But look in all tab scroll to wallet and you'll see that u can update.

So Google Wallet only works on certain NFC enabled devices? Apparently its going to be coming preloaded on the Sprint SGIII but will the SGIII for other carriers be able to use it?

Since getting the app using the Google Market web trick, I've been able to get updates through the Play Store just like any other app. I'm never notified of them, but once I find the app in the store, I can update it. I appreciate the heads up from AC on these updates. Thanks guys.

Sprint Nexus S after the update keeps getting stuck at Initializing your device

Update: My phone was in airplane mode for some reason and after turn the radio's back on it works.

I contacted both Google Wallet and Money Network and they state they are working on fixing the issues regarding with the HTC EVO 4G LTE, Money Network told me to try again by Saturday but if I still can't connect and activate my prepaid card to call again.

has worked perfectly on my Gnex from day one of installing via the workaround and continues to work well. I use this often. A 5.0 star rated app.