Webby Awards 2012

Voting for the 2012 Webby Awards has come to a close and the winners have been announced.  A few of our favorite Android apps inlcuding Google Wallet, SwiftKey X, and Evernote all brought home awards.

Last month, we mentioned how close Google Wallet and SwiftKey were in the Experimental & Innovation category.  It turns out Google Wallet prevailed and was handed the Webby Award for that group.  The People's Voice winner, however, was SwiftKey X which falls in line just in front of how you, our loyal Android Central readers, voted in The 2011 AC Readers-Choice Picks.

Among Utilities & Services for handheld devices, Evernote had a clean sweep as both the Webby Award and People's Voice winner.  Also of note in this category, Google Wallet was up for nomination but failed to garner enough votes to bring home a second Webby Award in this, the 16th annual rendition of the international award show that honors excellence on the Internet.

Source: 16th annual Webby Awards


Reader comments

Google Wallet trumps SwiftKey in Webby Awards, Evernote brings award home too


Most of those awards seem like kind of a joke. Almost everything was awarded to iphone apps. I'm not sure how they decide those things, but that makes me question how legit the awards are.

Pretty weird when the vast majority of us can't get Google Wallet at all yet it somehow gets an award.

also weird because...even those of us who have gotten it on our phones still can't use it except at random vending machines

I tried using it at mcdonalds, walgreens, whataburger, walmart, and taco cabana...no luck

but the vending machines at my college work with it.

needless to say i used the free 10 dollars to get myself snickers,drpepper,and cheetos over the course of a few days and never touched the app again.

It works as a marketing scheme... and it's not entirely untrue, as they did 'beat' Google in the user's vote award. Still, I'm not such a big fan of SwiftKey, just the freakishly psychic prediction engine, but no skins, no shortcuts, no language selection (for voice recognition), no foreign layout (I want my 'ñ'!!!), and so-so tap accuracy makes their keyboard NOT for me. Oh, and I'm not a big fan of nearly-no-spacebar ¬¬

I agree with the skins but I'm not sure you're accurate about a few things. It uses Google voice recognition so you can select the language. There are plenty of languages and layouts. I just downloaded Spanish (US) and there's your ñ. And accuracy is subjective I guess. It might not be the quickest response but even if the accuracy is off, the auto correct on rapid or the suggestions in precise fix that. I get the least typos with this keyboard out compared to stock ICS or the latest Swype.

Right there with you, I dont get the appeal, I bought it based on it being Editors choice and I cant stand using it. Trying to go back and correct a mistyped word totally screws stuff up.

Best way to fix a typo is just swipe to from right to left and delete the word and just start over. In 2-4 taps you should have most of your words if you use "Precise" style.

I agree. Google Wallet is more impressive than SwiftKey, and I use them both on a regular basis. Nobody has ever seen me type things with SwiftKey and marveled at my keyboard. Nearly every time I use Google Wallet, the cashier is blown away by it.

where are you using google wallet...?It seems as though none of the stores where I live have a working NFC unit. It is there just for looks -_-

I guess I don't get the buzz over SwiftKey. I tried it for a week and then went back to Swype. It may be that I simply prefer Swype style, but SwiftKey didn't seem any better or worse than the whack of other predictive keyboards out there. Just another keyboard that tries to guess what you mean to write. Meh.

You have to use SwiftKey for more than a week. I felt the same way when I first started using it, but I knew that it has a learning feature that picks up on how you type. Now that I have used it for more than a month I hardly ever have to type out whole words; it usually guesses the word that I want to type after 2-3 letters and is vary accurate at guessing short words that I would use next.

Swiftkey is one of the only apps I have actually paid for. Well worth the money. I even bought it for my tablet.