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OK Google, take a photo

Google has rolled out a back-end update for Google Search that enables you to start up the camera using voice actions. Fire up Google Search by saying "OK Google" from the homescreen of your Nexus 5, or from the Google Now interface on other KitKat phones, and tell it to start the camera.

To take stills, you can say "take a photo" or "take a picture." "Capture a photo" and 'capture a picture' work as well, if you want to be all fancy and technical. To take video, you simply say "take a video."

This seems to be working on all KitKat phones, in both the states and in the U.K. You'll need to open Google Now on your Moto X and bypass Motorola's own voice actions, but it works on the Moto X as well.

Edit — we've confirmed that it also works with Jelly Bean devices.

As mentioned, this is all done server-side so you'll not need to wait for an app update. Now you're ready for our upcoming photo contest, without having to tap any icons at all.

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Google Search update enables direct-to-camera voice actions


Maybe that will come with the next update. I really want to say "Okay Google" followed by "Oh, Snap!" To take a picture. :-)

Yeah, it should be taking a picture right away! Clueless fucks sometimes I think the Android team is.

I'm sure it has nothing to do with an OS limitation or anything like that, I see one clueless fuck here and it isn't the Android engineers.

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I would gladly work on their team for quality but it's not only up to me :-)

Case in point: They just released another updated version of the voice search action on the backend and this time it opens the camera app instead of just showing a shortcut to the camera. Someone clearly grew brains in the past 4 hours.

For the fellows that have short-term memory here: It took two iterations for the Android team to fix the notification pane shortcuts before making them into actionable switches through long-press. Y'all forget that? Heck, they had CyanogenMod's example staring them right in the face for months and yet they fucked it up the first time.

now work on the camera working and I would be happy but having Ok Google open but not being able to get the camera to take pictures with voice control which is something the phone was able to do on its own is not impressive to me.

Yeah i thought it was something u could say take a picture and it would open the app and snap a photo of you and your group hands free

I double tap my screen and it does the same thing. I guess it could be useful for people without a launcher that uses gestures.

Huh? It literally takes more effort to do it this way than tapping on an icon or with a quick gesture like on the Moto X. It isn't even completely hands-free. It's a half-baked feature.

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It only shows certain employees at Google probably have too much time on their hands to come up with something this unnecessary.

And being all Server Side, means it can be slow as hell when in remote areas.
Also, at least on my phone, I get a fairly quick reply of "Opening App" and then it sits there..... and sits, and long after the fire is out, it pops up the camera, but still no photo is taken till you actually tap the shutter.

So keep your camera button handy.

The weird thing is that this doesn't have to be server-side. Google already demonstrated that their voice recognition engine can function completely offline. The camera doesn't need Internet connectivity, so this design choice is a real head-scratcher.

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When are Google going to bring back the ability to do image and barcode searches from the camera in Google Now? It used to be there in the early days and was accessed by voice commands, but they removed it with a voice search update.

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I don't understand? This is/was already a feature. You can open any app by saying open Netflix, or open gallery... Wth

-Nexus 10-

Yeah I said open chrome and it opens the browser. Not something I would use on a daily basis, but I could see it being useful in some aspects.

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I'm pretty sure it's quicker to just open the camera app

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Not really . i.e. you are driving and your phone is placed in the - windshield mounted - cradle (like mine :))

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VZW Moto X

So you now have the camera app open. You can't position it or take a photo as you're driving.

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Tap anywhere on screen once and you are done - either for photo or video. Much better - Steady shot - than in hand.

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VZW Moto X

Another plus for Samsung (and I am sure others but I am not positive) you can use this to open the app and voice controls to take the picture from within the camera app.

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Wow Jerry...
What's wrong with these Bitter People..
You try to inform them of something and they find a reason to BITCH.. Unbelievable.
And very, very sad their lives are such that complaining on the net makes them feel like a big shot.

Having voice commands like "snap" or "cheese" would be great once the app launches.

I got to liking glass taking the picture instantly, but the delay in even presenting the pic means it is probably slower than just the normal way.

Ok google has its ups and downs it caused my stock note 3 voice control for camera to stop working and I took it in to sprint and they reset my phone but as soon as i turn on ok google to it stops working so if you want to take pictures by voice commands do not enable ok google they will not play nice together unless someone has found out something different this is what I found out yesterday and have tested it today and they will not work together and ok google will not work on my note 3 to take pictures by voice commands