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No more changing of your system language required

Today's Google Search update may have a few more tricks up its sleeve than we know, but we have found that it enables voice actions for those using U.K. English on their device. Folks outside of the U.S. previously had to set the app's language to U.S. English in order to get Google Now to respond to voice commends, but now our friends across the pond can get in on the action.

Better yet, you even have a response voice of a U.K. English speaker, which completes the entire loop. This is one update you'll want to grab if you've been clamoring for voice actions in the U.K. and are tired of changing to U.S. English just to make it happen.


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Google Search update also enables voice controls for UK English


Finally! Not been using this otherwise great feature as I found the American voice they used very grating. And it seemed to have trouble understanding my accent!
This is most welcome

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The UK English is only slightly better, regional accents are still a big problem for voice recognition.

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Yes, and my English Stoke-on-Trent regional accent is quite different from London, Tyneside, Bristol or even Birmingham regional accents duck. Hence the trouble with voice recognition like.

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VR seldom understands my accent/slur/mumble as well and I'm not even one of you foreigners.

Something tells me it really only works perfectly with Southern Californians.

I hope that this update fixes Ok Google hotword detection on my tablets. It works fine on my phone, but I get the "outline mic" icon on my tablets no matter what I do.

That's because Hotwords are only (technically) supported on the Nexus 5. You have to press the Mic icon to do voice search on anything but a Nexus 5. Happens on my Nexus 5 with a Mic headphone combo plugged in and some folks have do the GEL launcher working with hot words on other devices)

Hot word is now working on my s4 with this update.

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What exactly does this do search wise for U.K. English? I've been able to Google search and get a spoken response in U.K. English just fine.

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Ah you mean without tapping the mic first, thanks for clearing that up.

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Does anyone know if google navigation has English speaker.... It's weird listening to road directions in uk with American accent.

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Mine is a woman with a British accent so you probably need to change a setting.

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To pacify English crybabies. Google adds chav, cockney, and east enders accents to its Google now voice.

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Anything is preferable to the american drawl we've been putting up with! FYI EastEnders/cockney = the same thing. UK doesn't = England, suggest you check a map of the world, you might find out that the world does actually carry on once you get to the east and west coasts of the us of a!!

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Chav ain't an accent either I cannot believe you think a program is a accent. Its like saying Americans speaking Opera Winfrey

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