Google Search car rentals

Here's a nifty little trick that Google Search on your Android phone or tablet can now do; help you remember your car rental arrangements. All you have to do is to open up Search and ask "When is my rental car reservation?" Pretty neat.

The results show you a complete breakdown of your rental agreement. The company, booking reference, type of car and rental period are all displayed on the presented card.

The new feature was announced via Google's Twitter account and doesn't come with much more in the way of detail. Like where in the world this will work. So, if you've got some rentals booked fire it up and check it out. If you're outside of the U.S. and seeing results drop us a line in the comments and let us know where you are!

Source: Google

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teamfoster03 says:

Where is it pulling this information from?

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ELavar says:

Probably from your email confirmation.

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HDCS says:

Yup. Google also does the same pull out of mail on flight reservations. In that motion, it also keeps track of flight status and updates when things go late.

mhmmdy123 says:

Just don`t give out your email to the rental company.

briankurtz79 says:

Hotel reservations work the exact same way. Just ask I'm search. It will tell you when you check in

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Madd54 says:

Well thats spookily disconcerting. Google taking the covers off.

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Wouldn't it just be as easy to open the email that has all this info?

Dizfunctions says:

I'd think it would take way less time to just ask Google.

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icebike says:

That assumes you get the confirmation email via Gmail. Mine come via my corporate email if at all. I never reserve cars by email because you can always find a car upon arrival, unless the only travel you ever do is to monstrously large conferences.

kiriath says:

It does not work overseas. I am currently overseas and have a rental car confirmation in the US next week. Nothing comes up.

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Madd54 says:

Dear Google, who am I meeting for dinner on Thursday?

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pattavino says:

Does not work for rental trucks. Wish it did

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zhecht says:

It doesn't work for me. I'm in the US and have a reservation with Avis next weekend, but I just got web search results when I tried it.

Ditto. Avis reservation via Southwest Airlines site. Definitely have a Gmail confirmation.

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jddunkley says:

I actually used this feature this week! I didn't even ask for it, it just came up as one of the cards like a flight card came up. The only thing I didn't like is that it told me when I should leave in order to return the car by 6 pm like my reservation said. But my flight was at 6:25 so my flight card was telling me to leave much earlier. They should just work in unison and tell me when to leave for both since I probably would have missed my flight if I went by the rental reservation card.