Taiwanese electronics producer Foxconn has sold "a number" of its communications-related tech patents to Google for an undisclosed sum, according to The Wall Street Journal. The newspaper reports that Foxconn, best known in mobile circles for assembling Apple's iPhone, has applied for 128,400 patents and has been granted more than 64,300 worldwide, though the exact number of patents sold to Google remains unclear.

The move sees Google bolstering its patent portfolio following recent cross-licensing agreements with Cisco and Samsung, as well as its intended sale of Motorola to Lenovo, which would see it retain the smartphone maker's vast patent library.

Source: WSJ


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Google scoops up Foxconn communications patents


Oh you're in trouble now,... Apple.

Google just gave your ex girlfriend a Porsche, right after you dumped her.

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Better in the hands of Google than Apple. Apple would use it to make sure no one ever creates another rectangle. Google seems to be Mich more ethical in their power.

Gloves are off! Google tends to focus more on technical issues than legal issues, but I think Google is tired of Apple's patent warfare. ... perhaps planning their next move ... or simply following Teddy Roosevelt's foreign policy: "walk softly and carry a big stick." Who knows?

Now only if Google would put those patents to use. As in making their own hardware

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More likely they will license them to manufacturers in return for favors that will help advance the android and chrome OS platforms.

Awesome. I just hope one day Google makes a cellular phone service with its own towers one day. When ATT has 19 billion in profit sales, loads my expensive Note with at least 6-8 useless apps, not including Samungs 40 other ones, I'm thinking they could probably afford to give everyone at least 6GB of data per line with their current prices. But yeah, watch out Apple.. Hopefully.
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Do want thermonuclear war, Apple?

I will give you thermonuclear war!!

Say hello to my little friend!

PS, bring your p*nk *ss b*tch girlfriend microsoft!