High-resolution contact photos among new CardDAV additions

Google's rolling out several improvements to CardDAV, its open standard for accessing contact data, today. The most noticeable change is the new support for high-resolution contact photos, meaning some (mainly non-Android) mobile devices won't be limited to 96-by-96 pixel images anymore. It's worth remembering that if you're using Gmail sync on an Android phone, you shouldn't be affected by this anyway, as your stuff is synced through pure Google cloud magic.

The other changes are all about making CardDAV a faster, better experience —

  • Sync-Collections, which improves battery life for mobile users by reducing the amount of data exchanged.
  • POST support, which reduces mobile data usage when creating new contacts.
  • For Google Apps users, searching the domain’s Global Address List.

CardDAV users don't need to do anything, and the new features should be available within iOS 7 from today. As we said before, this isn't a huge deal for most Android users, but the changes are welcome nonetheless. 

Source: Google Developers


Reader comments

Google rolling out CardDAV improvements


It works ... unless you are a Google App user. May be it's just my family, but none of our 4 Galaxy Nexus has luck getting high resolution contact photos to sync, and we all use Google App account, instead of Gmail.

My contact photos look fine. The photo that shows up when I receive a call still looks like a blown up, very low res photo though.

I noticed this yesterday... One second I had the low res picture. They very next time I called... its was a nice crisp photo. Well done google.

Does cardDAV only sync one way i.e. I'm on iOS 7 and use cardDAV to sync my google contacts to my iPhone or can I sync whatever contacts I've added to iCloud to cardDAV so when I come back to Android possibly with the nexus 5 my contacts will be up to date?

I maintain all contacts in gmail, neatly categorized into groups. I individually assigned contact photos to each and every contact. As before these contact pictures are maintained in 96x96 res which results in blurred pictures when calling that person. So now due to this this problem will be solved? Do i get full res pics? I use HTC One.