Google is reportedly pulling all of the Android games in the Android Market in South Korea because laws in South Korea mandate that all games, of any kind, be reviewed by the South Korea Gaming Board. To expect the South Korea Gaming Board to individually review the thousands of Android games available is a little unrealistic. The choice to remove Android games is an undesirable solution for all parties involved but it's better than having no Android Market in South Korea at all. Luckily, since Android allows you to sideload applications from third-party sources, South Korean Android users may still be able to gain access to some 4,000 games in Android Market. 

South Korea definitely needs to lighten up on its policy of reviewing every game that's available in the country. Two of their country's biggest companies, Samsung and LG, have fully endorsed Android and to inadvertently limit the features of Android damages those companies. Plus, to have no games on your phone's application store in 2010? Crazy talk! [via unwiredview]


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Google removing games from Android Market in South Korea


Like I said on two other site... THIS IS BAD!!! If you thought people in foreign countries pirated stuff before your in for a big surprise!!! Dev's I really feel sorry for you cause the piracy thing is about to go through the roof. Removing the games from the market place is not going to stop people in S. Korea from getting them. This is just going to stop them from paying for them. And those that would have purchased the games before will now just get them through other means. And we all know that there wont be any payments for those other means. Way to go S. Korea!! Way to promote piracy!!


Don't know if you ever been to or lived or work in Korea but Korea is one of the most respectful of IPs in the world. SKT is implementing their own ARM (apps rights management). KT and LGT are following suit. The games will be encrypted, signed and will automatically verified against SKT's game server and authenticate the game with the user's phone IMEI and SNID. In other words, it is nearly impossible to pirate. Only Verizon if currently doing something similar. Currently, Android Market has not implement ARM.

As for Korean Game Rating Board, this is similar to those found in movies and games (ESRB). They are design to prohibit gratuitous sex, violence, spam, viruses, etc.

For transparency, I am one of the largest Korean Mobile Game Publishers and propogating wrong information is doing a disservice to Android's potential. If you want to learn more about Korea mobile game market and how to monitize your games, contact me at

Oh, Korean is one the largest mobile game markets in the world. Again, piracy is almost non-existent or else it would not be such a big market.