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Google is kicking off a new promotion on Google Play starting today called "Surprises." This holiday-themed offering -- at least today -- is giving users that download an app a specific deal to go along with that app. This is kind of a mash-up of Google Play and Google Offers, another sign that Google is trying to integrate all of its different properties. There are lots of eyes on Google Play every day, so they have a good chance at success putting it on the front page of the Play Store.

Today's deal is a $35 gift certificate to put towards a hotel room when you download and use the app "Hotel Tonight." If you're interested in the app or deal, hit up the source link below.

Source: Google Play

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crispybbq says:

Nothing here in little ol' New Zealand, but I expected as much.

Cube1701 says:

Nothing in the UK either, probably a US only thing.

Google really needs to put a stop to all of these USA exclusive features.

Ziptied says:

You do know we are working on that right? and God forbid and American company do things for America... lol

mwara244 says:

BBC iplayer Blocks USA from using it, in the Play store. God forbid they only allow the UK to have it only.(Sounds Silly, Doesn't It?)

Unfortunately regions are blocked by the apps because the companies only allow the countries they do business in to have access to them and their apps. I'm Guessing all these apps and companies are only useful in the USA because they are based there.

I bet if you search the XDA developers website, you can root your phone and change your country code to download the Play store in other regions.

phor11 says:

The Gin Blossoms wrote a song for you.

asd216 says:


skywizard says:

Yeah, I see nothing on the Canadian Play Store as of 3:20 PM 17/12

Voliam says:

I would be willing to do without a fair amount of new tech, just to live in little 'ol New Zealand! Probably the most beautiful country on the planet!

bearballz72 says:

Would love to see one of these apps like Dead Trigger offered with some added bonuses like some extra cash or Gold.

kb2755 says:

Not seeing anything in Canada.

"Sorry that code can only be used by new customers."

Good way to get me to STOP using the app.

cowboys2000 says:

Some Hotel offer for today in the USA. No thanks.

Sazura65 says:

Nothing in Canada. Thanks guys...

Hit the source link in the article from your phone. Takes you to the offers. No guarantee you can use them though. I can see it in the UK but i don't want a hotel anyway lol

Nidel says:


Nidel says:


severinj says:


hairball45 says:

I live in the States, and in theory, I could get this, but I won't. Why? I just don't need it. Things made available to users in other countries don't hurt my feelings, I could move there and get those deals I suppose. I usually do my grocery shopping at Kroger, so coupons for, oh say, Giant Eagle are of little interest or use to me, but I don't get annoyed by the fact. I guess the old concept of not looking a gift horse in the mouth applies, even if you don't have any intentions of riding him.
Maybe the next freebee will be of interest. Or not.