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30 day free trial with promotional pricing available until Nov. 11

Following up on a wide European expansion last week, Google is opening up Play Music and All Access streaming to Mexico starting today. The free component of Google Play Music has the same 20,000 user-uploaded song limit as in other countries, and the new All Access subscription model also offers all of the same perks.

Mexican music junkies can get in on a 30 day free trial offer before November 11th, and from that point on only pay MX$79 per month for the service. If you cancel at any time, or sign up after November 11th, you'll pay a full MX$99 per month for the service.

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Google Play Music and All Access streaming makes its way to Mexico


I checked earlier to see if the racists would come out of the woodwork. It didn't take long.

is it me or isn't working:
El reproductor de música de Google Play está disponible actualmente en determinados territorios.
or maybe it`s just starting up i'll check back tomorrow

If it doesn't work don't worry you just have a lg phone and Google has done nothing to fix it

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Also adding the obligatory "When is this coming to Canada?!?!?!"

Seriously though. C'mon!

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Well with all this recent activity with Google Play Music in Europe and Mexico Canada can't be far off from getting it. Google must be finding it hard to get the licenses all worked out up here for some reason. Hopefully we get it sooner rather than later (then all of us can stop whining about it hahaha).

It's Canada's rules and larger companies preventing it. If Google could have it here I am sure they would, but it's not a slap in the face because another country gets it first

This. As I said before, in a previous article, Google doesn't control the content; Play Music is only a portal to said content.

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Few more weeks and it'll be on iOS, then I can die a happy man :)

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Google going to need to create an 3rd Google Play Music Product of an Free Ad supported service to go along with the current Monthly Premium All Access and the Buy to Keep structure!

Something to perhaps bare in mind is that the music libraries likely vary by market and different markets may or may not have the same music library and want less for royalities such as a place being poorer, may have a small population and not common music tastes (take European or American Music) in some places.

Google has never really said what happen if you go abroad (or pretend you do) but be an paid subscriber what would happen but its unlikely Google would do an Netflix (having an exploit non patched) utilising via an VPN or DNS spoofing particular if they choose to lock (music libraries) by payment currency or billing address!

An unified music library possiblity is there at least in a very slim way in Europe as there is common royalities for online (PRS) managing them however each country such as the UK has it own Industry (UK - BPI) and people that stuck in the 1980s put politely be it the RIAA or BPI or someone else!

Wow, I never expected that we would get the service before Canada... BUT what I reaaaaaaaaaaally want is Nexus devices in México directly from Google at the super competitive prices you guys have in the US, we still have to pay close to 400usd for a FIRST gen Nexus 7, that's a ripp-off by any standard

Finally! :) I was able to sign up and got it working right away. The only downside (and the reason I might be keeping my Spotify subscription instead) is that it's blocked my my IT department at work grrrrr (Somehow they missed blocking Spotify hehehe).

Anyway, I've still got 30 days to see if the catalog I care about in Spotify can also be found in Google Play Music. The advantage is, of course, that the tracks that are not there I can upload if I get them somewhere else :)

Wow, good for you you'd rather have Pandora! I guess you gotta be glad for what you can get when you're not the US. Although, honestly, I'd take even a smaller service like torch music over all access, but that's just me...

And still no love for Canada.

No love from Google on Google Wallet, Play Music, Music Locker, Chromebook Pixel, etc.

If Apple comes out with a better keyboard for iOS and a larger screen for the iPhone, I'll be switching over. Tired of always getting the shaft from Google in Canada.

I didn't realize Google Wallet, Play Music, Music Locker and Chromebook Pixel worked on iOS....

Do you really think Google intentionally stays out of certain markets? Or do you think there could be other issues?

To me it really sounds like you should buy an iPhone. It will suit your logic quite well.