May the Fourth sale

Free games, cheap books and half-off in-app purchases for a limited time

"Star Wars Day" (May 4th), a popular pseudo-holiday among followers of the Star Wars franchise, has made its way into Google Play in the form of a sale on Star Wars content for Android devices. Directly named the "May the Fourth Be With You" sale, you can pick up all sorts of Star Wars games, apps and books for free or severely discounted prices starting today.

Many Star Wars games that were already free — such as Angry Birds Star Wars and Star Wars: Tiny Death Star — are also offering half-off on in-app purchases as well. This is a limited-time offer that will presumably run through the fourth, but you may want to get in on the deals while we know they're available. You can go straight to the promotion page with all of the offers at the source link below.

Source: Google Play


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Google Play kicks off 'May the Fourth Be With You' Star Wars content sales


Interesting this is. A great deal,this may be.

[Look at my avatar,amd tell me that isnt irony]

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Wish their were better star wars games in the Play store, like the original trench run game,. Nintendo would make a killing taking their old NES, super nintendo and 64 games, like all their star wars games, and porting them to Android.

Hoping some good star wars games come out this yer, I know a New BattleFront is finally coming out with Disney, and they trashed the Boba Fett game 1313 after they bought Lucas Arts.

the google play link with the information is broken.. in any event i've stopped following the franchise since disney now declared the EU dead.

Throwing away the RU is what it did it for you? Not those abominable, craptacular prequels? The EU had to go for sequels to work. George Lucas didn't have to make the prequels be so °€÷•=^×jng bad.

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Haters gon hate. I'm sad Disney is taking it over but best believe my love for star wars will have me watch whatever they create. Lucas wouldn't have sold the rights to them if he wasn't confident in them (seriously, he's a crazy sob)
I'm glad Google is recognizing this nerd holiday. I'll be behind it 100%

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Disney has done great work with the Marvel franchises. Lucas blew his was in the early 80's, he hasn't done anything worthwhile since then.

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I thought Disney didn't acquire Marvel studios until '09 (well after the seeds of their current run were planted), and they didn't move the studio until last year. I'm reserving judgment until the new Star Wars are out regardless.

"We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server."
I wonder do any of these ever work in EU? So many times get an error or missing pages or similar...
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I also had a limited time "deals of apps" on googleplay home page, but now it is gone too. Cannot find it anymore... wtf!?

Not missing much, the only large discounts are on books, unless all the half-off in-app purchases do anything for ya.

Yep, checked it with google (from cached). Nothing special really, at this time.

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