Google Play edition phone selection dwindles to three

The Google Play store is now only listing three varieties of Google Play edition phones left for sale. It's unclear if the latest clearing of inventory is to make room for the arrival of new devices, but at this time those interested in a Google Play edition can select from the HTC One M8, the Samsung Galaxy S4, and the Motorola's Moto G.

The count is down from five previously. Prior to this, we also had the Sony Xperia Z Ultra as well as the HTC One (M7), both of which are now no longer listed in the Play Store.

Additionally, though not a phone, LG's G Pad 8.3 GPe was also removed from the Play store.

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Google Play edition phone selection dwindles to three


Samsung has included support for hardware-specific features on past GPEs. I would imagine you lose some of the best features that make TW tolerable however, like multi-window and 4K recording. And the new power saving function is very effective. Root will let you correct that to some extent.

Personally, I run a stripped down and themed TW because I use many of Samsung's features. The phone loses a lot of functionality otherwise. I wouldn't consider the S5 if I didn't want those "gimmicks".

Samsung S5 without or even with Bloatwiz cannot function properly.

Whereas, for example HTC's Ones now have separated feature components such as Sense and Gallery installable from Google Play, that can work on Android 4.x phones

If you're gonna get a GP edition phone...why would you pick an S5 over the One? That makes no sense to me...... (Anyone get the pun I threw there....? No Sense....GP edition.....meh...)

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HTC has nothing when it truly comes to legitimate features even with Sense.

It's definitely bland, dull, and overrated.

From my Galaxy Note 3 via Android Central App

Yes. I myself sometimes miss things. Or forget. I just figured it was there and never paid much attention to it.

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I dont the s4 GPE sold enough to make them want to make an s5. I love the idea of GPE devices we got pure android with the hardware we love but the problem is they did without any subsidy plan so only the die hards are dropping $700 on a device. I think we were all hoping the GPE would be around the nexus 5 price point.

Sad to see the Z Ultra go before a successor has been released. I don't see any device that are ready to replace my Ultra GPe yet. My hope is a Z2 or Z3 Ultra or that Oppo introduce a "Find 7L" with 6.5 inch screen.

lol, first time I've heard of someone wanting a 6.5 inch screen smartphone

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What's funny about that? The XZU is one of the best GPE devices out there. Not for everyone, but definitely a killer device for those who find that niche useful.

I like huge phones too, just not 6.5 inch huge. I actually saw a Z Ultra in public a few weeks ago; it looked ridiculous in the guy's hands. I totally understand why such a big phone could fit someone's needs, but I didn't think anyone bought the 6.4 inch Z Ultra as I've only ever seen one.

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I started to buy one. For the price, especially after Google marked it down by 200 dollars, it was a great deal. But, damn... I've said it many times and I'll say it again: no flash on the camera killed it for me. Hopefully, Sony releases a proper successor with a camera flash this time around.

Yeah, I've never understood that. I have never heard of a smartphone with a Snapdragon 800 and no flash. It was designed as a $600+ phone, is a flash too much?

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Killed it for me too, and I was thinking of buying one with Sony's UI. I'm still confused by that decision

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The Ultra is the only "phablet" I have been pleased with. It replaces a 7 inch tablet and a smartphone paired with great developer friendliness and flexibility. As an extra plus: no carrier branding or bloatware (I just avoid US devices because of this).

The Ultra is also replacing an e-reader, for things like reading books and magazines, Internet browsing, multimedia and so forth - it simply rocks. With the GPe, it offers the added plus of Google support even if the regular Sony edition is a better choice (more ROMs and the ability to run both GPe and Sony versions), which is great now with L coming.

For what I do with the device, which is heavily focused on reading books and magazines, Internet and multimedia - the Ultra is perfect. The only viable option is the Oppo Find 7 or something like that even if the screen is smaller since it offers a great unbloated experience. Now with the Ultra disappearing, I hope there will be another great "phablet" out there from Oppo or another manufacturer that offers either pure vanilla or CM as standard.

The only devices that excited me in a similar way as the Ultra is the Nokia Communicator range and HTC HD2.

Nexus 6...

LG G3 is still rumored to be the base for the next Nexus phone. Most likely just ugraded CPU/GPU, no rear buttons, slightly less battery and/or camera.

No. Silver. Android One is for developing markets. Why in the world would they replace the Google play edition line with THAT!?

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Android one is just the cheap stock android phone. Silver is the other higher end nexus like experience device program.

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As the m7 goes I don't think people will miss it but the Xperia Z ultra is a damn good phone
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They're not selling because they cost too much money. And there's no option to finance like what Motorola did for the X.

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I'm hoping this is the calm before the GPe storm. I dream of the day that a dozen or so GPe devices are available, unlocked and vanilla.

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Buy a carrier version from Swappa and flash the GPe ROM with OTA. Done!

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Carriers make you pay for the phone as part of you monthly bill these days. It's absurd and eliminates the only reason for using contract plans.

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I just picked up a used Nexus 8, I mean a GPe G Pad and I love it. It's the perfect sized tablet to me. They must not have sold many though. It wasn't on sale long and the new g pads are a pretty big down grade

They're not charging extra, they're just selling them without the carrier subsidy

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Where are they charging extra? Granted the S4 should be discounted by now, but in their prime they were the same price as carrier versions

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You can basically think of them like expensive nexus phones. Though I question how long they will be supported with updates vs real nexus phones.

Software is vanilla Android like a nexus but on one of those more popular phones. Faster updates and no carrier apps in sight.

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I don't think they'll be cheaper. The rumors have been indicating they're going to be competing in the high end range. They will be available through carriers though so you should have the option to finance or lock into a contract though, which does give you ways of paying for it over the long term.

Well Google sells it's Nexus phones near cost (some say the subsidize, but everything I've read says they make a small profit). So we're all hoping if they replace the Nexus line with Silver they do the same. GPE phones prices were still controlled by the OEM. They were never going to sell them for less than their skinned/carrier unlocked versions.

Gpe phones dont sell well because only android nerds buy them. Most normal people are perfectly happy with Sense, Touchwiz, or Optimus uis. They provide FEATURES. Most ppl dont want to be bothered with infinite customizations. Normal people have lives outside their phones. I get tired of hearing geeks bemoan bloatware and trashing Samsung for a lack of "premium feel". Try going out on a date this decade. And yeah leave your phone at home.

Nexus devices sell well without all that extra bloat. Google should make GPE devices affordable like Nexus devices. There's essentially no difference between the two brands.

I'm sure alot of it is OEMs not wanting to mark down their product that much, and even if they were cool with it, carriers would probably have a fit.

Yes, there is a huge difference. Nexus = Google. GPE = OEMs with near vanilla Android. OEMs control everything but the software on GPE devices. Even updates come from OEMs and NOT Google...

I LOVE my Samsung. LIKED my HTC. HATED my Nexus. But, I *LOVE* Android. But Im sure the fabois will say I'm an asshole.
Oh, & I bought a Gear Fit (GASP!)

My real complaint is that if the nerds had their way android would be like iPhone and tract homes"and they are all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same".

Get real mate. Nexus "nerd" devices are flashed hard and often and tend to be able to do many things non-Nexus devices simply cannot do because they do not have the kind of developement community Nexus has. Hell you can even flash a 4.4.4 version on the Nexus One! Out of the box a Nexus may be bland to you bloat loving and 10mm gimmicks you'll either turn off to make it not lag or simply never use folks, but rarely do they stay "bland." A Nexus will tick off 8 or 9 boxes out of 10 on the spec sheet next to devices costing TWICE the price. If you're on a subsidized plan you'll just never understand how huge that is. Lastly, with the exception of the M7/8 I've never found a device sexier than a big black slab of glass that's comfy in the hand. Good thing we all have choices, huh?

There's no better price performance than the Nexus 5. It is a no brainer for anyone who doesn't have money falling out of their pockets.

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Why are GPE devices so expensive when they're essentially Nexus devices? Can't Google just sell them cheap so more people can buy them? It worked for the Nexus 4, 5, and 7.

They're different kinds of enrollment programs. Nexus devices have both hardware and software controlled by Google. The Google play edition devices have only the software controlled by Google, and the OEMs still release it to the devices. The Google play edition devices are just ridiculous and should be done away with ASAP

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