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It seems that users taking advantage of Google Music's new scan and match feature aren't always getting exactly what they expected added to their music libraries. The new feature, which launched in the U.S. just a week ago, lets users bypass uploading of new music by instead "matching" the music on the user's computer with the same file in Google Music automatically. That's all fine and dandy if it works, but users are reporting that songs with explicit lyrics are having the clean versions of songs added instead. This doesn't come as a complete surprise considering the same reports came out when iTunes started its own matching service, but this still shouldn't be happening.

Whether its because of a licensing shortcoming or technical issue with identifying music, we hope that Google can get this one figured out. Users with explicit music usually have it for a reason, and don't really want it replaced erroneously because a service isn't operating properly.

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Google Music scan and match only adding clean versions of songs


I wonder why this is just now being reported on all these sites. I pointed this out the day the match service went live. I thought it may have just been me since nobody else was mentioning it.

Hm, just checked and it definitely overwrote my explicit version of Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts with a clean one.

Just another reason to use Amazon Cloud player. Only $25 is steal. I am not a fan of the Google Music ecosystem.

Further, if Google doesn't sell the music, they don't match it either, so you end up having to upload the whole album.

Unless Google sells the music that whole 320k replacement goes out the window as well. There's still a lot of recent music that Google doesn't sell.

BFD - It's a free service and it's an almost mindless fix on the user end. Google has a history of releasing half-baked products and improving upon them with time and use. Why would this be any different?

Many people have a sense of entitlement, where they feel that free services wrong them when they are missing a feature.

I tried Spotify for like a month and stopped because it did the same thing. I'd search and album, find it and add it to my collection and it would add the clean version, I had to work to find the explicit version. Rdio didn't' do that, so I went with them. Guess I won't be using Google's music match either.

I guess I'm the only one that likes this. Gives me the ability to listen to my music when alone and use Google music when the kids are around. Win win.

Sometimes clicking "Fix incorrect Match" doesn't always fix the problem. Whats been working for me is adding the word Explicit to the album info, the song(s) in question, and then clicking fix incorrect match.

This is effing bull schitt. I fecking hate google! I fffracking hate google! I should've got an IPhone instead of this damn droid bull tit. I was told by an android enthusiast that google and android was better in every way than IPhone but I have had more problems and had to jump thru so many loops to get what i want out of my DNA. I really should've gotten an IPhone. I really would've been cool with all the other BS if this hadn't become an issue but this crap sent me over the edge. If anyone has anything good to say to persuade me to feel otherwise I would definitely appreciate it.