Google Maps

The latest update for Google Maps is now showing up in the Android Market and according to the updated change log it's mostly optimizations of already existing features and battery optimizations -- not that we're complaining.  As noted:

  • Improved battery performance for Latitude and Location History users, and fresher locations for friends in Latitude
  • Transit Navigation (Beta) can use vehicle speed to estimate location if GPS signal is lost
  • Increase route options for public transit directions from 3 to 4.
  • Report feedback to Google from the settings menu

You'll find the download link past the break and be sure to let us know if you happen to notice any other changes, since Google has a tendency to sneak in some unnoted changes here and there.


Reader comments

Google Maps updated, transit beta and battery optimizations aplenty


Can they fix the "night mode" so that it's a dark map when docked!?

Droid Razr and Droid X... Am I doing something wrong?

I believe 'night mode' only activates when the light sensor (proximity sensor) on the phone detects that it's dark out. When docked, my X automatically goes to the dark map when it's night.

You do know that if you start navigation while you are have coverage it will cache your route for you don't you?

You can drop into some mountain valley with no coverage and the nav won't miss a beat.

See the settings. There is a Labs button which shows a check box for pre-cache area. Directions on how to use it are there as well.

Other labs items are Ruler and Distance scale.

It still needs the ability to drop a pin ANYWHERE, rather than the nearest address.

If you want to mark a spot somewhere other than your current location, you can't do it, it will jump to the nearest road address.

They also updated the Navigation's voice, at least for English. The text-to-speech voice sounds like a sick person and is actually quite disturbing, but now it sounds, bette? At least most of the time. Some roads are spoken with the sick sounding woman still... At least in my area. They really need to make the English text-to-speech sound not as creepy/sick sounding.

For Latitude, if you check in somewhere and your corresponding Latitude updates show you at the same location, now it will say that you've been there "for 1 hour", "for 5 hours", "for 2 minutes", etc.