Best Apps of 2012

Google has put its "Best Apps of 2012" list up on Google Play today, with many familiar names. There are "best of" lists in each of the different categories on the Play Store, but the app listings always draw a lot of attention. It's always interesting to see what apps Google employees themselves are using and calling the "best" on the platform. The list is headlined by many apps that you yourself may rattle off as the best apps, such as Pinterest, Zappos and Evernote.

All but one of these apps are free, so why don't you go check out a few of Google's top picks? You can get the full list of all 12 apps at the source link below. 

Source: Google Play


Reader comments

Google lists its 'Best Apps of 2012' on Play


I thought this would be a longer list... and most of those apps don't really seem to be like the best of the year (and if they are, then what a poor offering we have then). :S

I'm not the greatest fan of the keyboard, but how did SwiftKey miss this list? Or the Google+ app?

Of the 12 apps listed, the only one I have had any desire to use has been TED Talks and that really is a nice app. I think AirDroid should be in that list.