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Google has updated its search engine to list real-time Bitcoin price conversions. The search giant has partnered with Bitcoin wallet service Coinbase to provide the feature.

To see how much Bitcoin is worth, you can just ask Google a query like, "Bitcoin price" or "how much is Bitcoin worth?", and the search engine will display the results in your local currency. In addition, you can ask queries like "How many bitcoin are in 500 U.S. dollars?" and get the relevant results. Along with the Bitcoin value, the results include a Bitcoin price chart that charts the value of the cryptocurrency since 2011.

Bitcoin price tracker Google

The update is now live across the world, but if you're not able to convert the price of Bitcoin into your local currency, we suggest you wait awhile, as some users seem to be having issues with accessing the utility. While the tool is handy in quickly converting the value of Bitcoin, Google isn't the first search engine to integrate this feature, as Bing has been offering it since February.

How many of you actively mine Bitcoin? Would you be interested in using Google's conversion utility to check the price of Bitcoin?

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Google lets you easily track the value of your Bitcoin hoard


Unless you are tracking a large group of people with their bitcoins, the word you want here is "hoard".....

Beat me to it!

I'm picturing the Capital One barbarians running around trying to spend their Bitcoins.

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I was only able to mine .37 bitcoins 5 months earlier, but I like to see that it's easy to check the value if I want to.

Posted via Android Central App