Google I/O 2012.

A giant pin stuck smack in Moscone West can mean only one thing. 

Google I/O is here! Everybody's favorite search engine/Internet Giant is, of course, having its annual developer conference in San Francisco this week. And, of course, we're here to bring it all to you as it happens, live and in living color.

We're at Day -1. Things don't really get going until morning, at which time we'll be back at 9:30 a.m. PDT for the Day 1 keynote. (Go ahead and bookmark that, and our Day 2 keynote liveblog as well.)

In the meantime, ease on past the break for a quick photo gallery and an appearance from yours truly. (And be sure to actually watch the video -- there might be a little giveaway involved.)

It's gonna be a hell of a week.

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HAAS599 says:

I have entered a lot of these Android Central giveaways and statistics show I will probably die before I win one.

How did you read my mind? I was thinking the same thing! Good luck to everyone!

lol I'd show up to your funeral wearing the T-shirt too lol and say "if only you live, oh well, I won" (JK)

Jesslynh says:

What he said :/

MowDownJoe says:

I've won once. It was that Valentine's Monster Bluetooth speaker thing. They said "Name the love song that describes your life" and I said "Withered Hope" by They Might Be Giants.

mikear says:

Bet I die first before I win!... wait... :-D

EDIT: ...way too much Smithwicks tonight!

I want it, dead or alive.

nocaldawg says:

Would love the rock that shirt!

CaliberSRT4 says:

I would love to have the shirt. Android Central Rocks!!

joguill00 says:

I never win but oh well it does not hurt to try!!!!!!!!!!!!

newboyx says:

Nice shirt.

KPCallahan says:

Oh please oh please!

Hope I win that shirt is awesome! Wish I was there...

drhere says:

Hey, I would love that shirt. I work not far from Moscone West, I'll pick it up for a free along with I/O invite (kidding).
Looking forward to the coverage.

cuammo says:

My T-shirt drawers are full, so I'd probably have to give away one of mine to good will or something. It's like giving me the shirt creates two winners, me and poor people who like funny T-shirts.

ajaxkiller says:

So my only question is this, is it an XL t-shirt if not give to someone else please lol.

FooFighter7 says:

That's a sick shirt! I/O will be awesome

Cyberdan3 says:

I want it!!

firstdegree says:


DubA says:

I need that shirt! My personal economy sucks!

deltatux says:

That's an awesome t-shirt =)! I think we all want one =P!

2much says:

You Need Someone sexy to Rock that Shirt.. And THAT IS ME :)

Papadakis says:

oooohhhh t-shirt!!!

Are staff allowed to enter too ;-)

mfeigley says:

I love Google swag!

kirkman81 says:

I can haz t-shirt?

markhallyo says:

That shirt is really cool, and I'm really looking forward to watching lovestreams all day for the next three days!

bigos78 says:

I'd love to rock this shirt.

draken says:

Nice looking shirt, would be great to wear to work just to annoy the iphone users.

I could really use a new t-shirt... I can't seem to get those Ice-Cream Sandwich stains out of the ones I have right now.

IP IHI II IL says:

I'd probably swim in that shirt, but would still love to win something from AC!! Can't count how many of these things I've Thanks for the coverage guys! Can you please ask about Flash & ICS? I couldn't watch the video on my newly updated RAZR...BOOOO!!!

rmotters says:

Give the t-shirt to Alex and get him to post it to me once back in the UK. Cheers!

Ytown says:

Love the hair!!!!

EmrysTal says:

That's a pretty sweet shirt. Would look great on me. :)

rdoanecu says:

Can't wait for things to get started tomorrow. Thanks for the chance to win guys!

ttriplett1 says:

Fingers crossed for Google SWAG!

Keysopen says:

Should have had the girl in the black boots model the shirt for you. Will always comment for SWAG.

TechyMexican says:

Gorgeous Shirt :D

That shirt rocks!!

slbuck says:

Nice tee... can you throw in a Samsung Galaxy S III (verizon)?

markusf21 says:

Sweet, hook me up please.

ncobs says:

I need a shirt! My wife just threw out a bunch of good ones!

markusf21 says:

Doh, double posted

Konvict808 says:

I want that tshirt! Google/Android for life!

barleysoda says:

I would love to sport that shirt!

jmhend says:

This is me leaving a comment, because shirt.

Quills#WP says:


alex954 says:

I would love one of those shirts!

CalebBlank says:

What size is the shirt? Anyways, could I have it?

Tsudeily says:

I'd rock that shirt.

Good luck everyone and a happy Google I/O to all!

lightyear420 says:

Phil is a PIMP!

bllackkman says:

I need that t-shirt in my life

Richard46 says:

I'll wear that shirt to next years I/O
If i get tickets

jsprake1 says:

Yay I would love the shirt

edyts says:

Here i go entering another contest maybe ill actually win for once, good luck to everyone!

MadCow1 says:

Shirt would be cool.

Sithhar says:

Oh why not, I'm in for a shirt!

7590steve says:

Just in case you were wondering, I would enjoy that shirt very much.

fstop says:

So, which one of you pushed that Dodgers fan off Pier 32?

MJM128 says:

Awesome shirt.

I'll take that shirt off your hands :P

raymoore says:

Toss the T-shirt this way!

ehtoanokuso says:

shirt. word.

tommydaniel says:

T-shirt please! want haz!

Meltedwire says:

I think the code finishes off the shirt. Would love one too.

triangle8 says:

Cool. Looking forward to the coverage from I/O.

mugenazul says:

T-shirt me up!

I work with ALL crApple fanboys and therefore am abused daily, even violated on a regular basis. All of my psychological trauma would be resolved if I could just when this shirt. Oh Freud, if you are there , I need this shirt! Help him win (that was my other persona talking, sorry)!

adavisme says:

I am ready for some awesome...

bumpysig says:

I'll take the awesome I/O shirt.

deltascrew says:

Sign me up

jojojohnny05 says:

Nice T-Shirt :D

fkpalm says:

I think shirt is cool

n0obpr0 says:

I wish I was there!! ;(!

Zwyciezca says:

Worth a try!

Coolfreak says:

I would love that t shirt!!

moosc says:

I have won before but never got my prize. I sent emails n tweets but nothing. But that hasn't stopped me for entering.

Coolfreak says:

I would love that t shirt!!

Want it now! :D

yocubed says:

in for that shirt

schwaller says:

Free shirt! Something to wear while I wait for my Nexus 7 Tablet.

freddyc says:

Shirt please!!!!!

chiroho says:

Looking forward to your commentary from the event, and particularly to see what's coming for Android.

Shadnic says:

I would wear it with pride!

NeoHoneyTea says:

Would loveeee to win this shirt!! Please please pleaseeee! <3

Chris in SC says:

Hmmm... Google's on tshirts now?

I'm in

Krynn says:

Heh. Nice shirt.

Tryptykon says:

would love to win the shirt

Westfire says:

I'd love a shirt. Thanks for giving a few away!

eljedo says:

no question that shirt would help me get chicks. i want it!!! please

cstuckey56 says:

I really want a t-shirt.

kccoleman10 says:

tshirt time?

jdtruong says:

Would love to win.

davedev says:

Nice shirt!

manutdonline says:

c'mon i'd be the only girl in my office of apple lovers to wear a Google I/O tshirt!

ajonesma says:

That shirt looks awesome! Would love to win it!

Adirolfx says:

Would rather be at Google I/O, but I'll take the shirt instead. :-)

gregfortune says:

Neat shirt :)

ggr says:

Hey Phil! you seemed a little distracted and seemed like you did not want to do this promo. What gives? I know, you said it was your 3rd year, but still, it is fun. It is always very interesting to see how people sell their products or come up with new ways to make our lives easier.

sgarrand says:

This will fit in with my other geeky t-shirts. Thanks for the contest.

I'll take the shirt just to show the world my inner nerd

bmeehan says:

Hey Phil, thanks for covering Google I/O for us. Please feel free to send a shirt my way.

bmeehan says:

Oops. Double post. Please remove.

Kale Blossom says:

I'm a rather small sized ladee, and anything larger than a male medium may as well be a night shirt on me(meaning if it's bigger, it should go to someone else)

anyway, still excited for the episode!

Chex313 says:

I'll need a large Phil, and get google to sell them...I'll buy one outright!

DustyDroid says:

This is the comment that is picked ;)

richardpandy says:

Bring it!

jkurl15 says:

Phil if I win this you have to show up at my house and shot it to me from the street w/ a tshirt gun, oh then we can have a few beers.

hammerbeard says:

I will happily receive said shirt.

Tecknopunk says:

Man I sure would like to wear this and gloat.

fuddster says:

Yes, please!

Jonneh says:

Wanna win the t-shirt! Thanks for the chance, Phil! :-)

DZolty85 says:

<------------ Uno right here Phil!!!!!!

gizak says:

toss my number in the hat!

GrapeApe says:

Since I couldn't be there to get the swag in person you can just send it to me.

redstar427 says:

Awesome t-shirt. I want one! :)

Sirquini says:

I want this shirt so much, but seriously I would like one :P

blnkmind133 says:

Want Shirt!!

I'm gonna win this time, I just know it!

Tonio21 says:

Ill take a shirt. What size is it ?

TSHIRT! I design them for a living. Would love to add this one to my collection.

TSHIRT! I design them for a living. Would love to add this one to my collection.

TSHIRT! I design them for a living. Would love to add this one to my collection.

funandroid says:

That is an awesome looking t-shirt!! I want it.. please!!

funandroid says:

That is an awesome looking t-shirt!! I want it.. please!!

eeescape5 says:

I would love a new T-Shirt to make all my Apple friends envious.

eeescape5 says:

I would love a new T-Shirt to make all my Apple friends envious.

NHLou says:

Shi/ort, please...

jslackhouse says:

I won. Awesome. Thanks for the T-shirt guys.

Ender0715 says:

I'll take the shirt but can you stop by In-N-Out Burger and pick up a double double animal style while you're there and send it too...

Thanks in advance

toothfairy says:

Love the T-shirt

caesar21 says:

Me wearing this shirt will be my next icon pic.! (positive thinking lol)

Phil love the last photo shot, did you shoot that? And what lens did you use? You gonna need A/C because AC is going to be hot starting tomorrow... hail to the F5 key.

stevemc says:

That's one fine looking shirt....

eloy35 says:

I'll take two

spacetug says:

This will just be buried under all the shirt comments, but if today is -1, tomorrow is 0. Since tomorrow is day 1, today is day 0,

br3akfast says:

I'll take one of those if you don't mind.....

megabyte682 says:

I'd love to win this awesome shirt. Thanks AC

paparock6969 says:


leaponover says:

Too bad I don't wear clothes...

jsilverthor says:

Love me a T-shirt!!! Hope I win!

hournet562 says:

hope i win. really sick t-shirt

hournet562 says:

hope i win. really sick t-shirt

c0r3y says:

An IO T-Shirt would be awesome to own. Thanks.

zuker88 says:

I could always use another T-shirt. Fingers crossed.

bacumings says:

I've synced all other parts of my life with Google, might as well sync my clothing too! Pick me for the free shirt Phil!


fargles says:

and this would be a comment on this post

smalldice says:

Give it to me please.

eps1lon3 says:

wild giveaway has appeared!

clownstrike says:

I could do that shirt justice!
just sayin . . .

Can haz shirt please?

dgene84 says:

Would love to finally win something .... been trying to win for months ...

betsuni says:

Love the video Phil! Looking good in front of the Moscone.

bridic says:

Looking forward to the streaming. I get all giddy over things like this.

acehomey says:

Free swag please! :D

cordodor says:

free tshirt? Sweet!

gbold3 says:

Yes Please :))

yeshu1984 says:

Man, I would love to get one of these T-shirts...looks badass!

cloakinghalk says:

That shirts pretty sweet. Id love to rock it.

I'm in! Tell Alex "Welcome to the U.S.!"

mck says:

Id love to win something for once...

masterxchief says:

Very cool shirt. I would love one!

blazr2k says:

Maybe, just maybe this time.

clittle200 says:

That t-shirt is nice!

fillossofer says:

Great looking shirt! And it even looks big enough to fit my fat ass.

Super cool Tee, awesome!!

karta7 says:


area223 says:

new wardrobe please

nuprotocol says:

I'm ready....! (exactly what she said)

LscAndrew says:

Nice Tee!~ I would love to have one~!

S0ckM0nk3y says:

2XL please and thanks ;-)

What in the world? Wormsss !! RARRR

taborcarn says:

Well after posting on the G+ thread, I will now post here in hopes of winning a shirt.

Unforseen prediction. Jelly Bean Will Allow for a strictly STOCK option that overrides Sense, Wiz, Motoblur, etc. Allowing EVERYONE to update as soon as possible if they desire. oh....oh oh oh oh oh I want shirt too! That'd be slickness!

GPSninja7734 says:

ooooooh I would so rock that shirt at school and make all the other nerds drool lol

vr002sh says:

No one said "I'm to sexy for my shirt"

Spartoi says:

I want dat shirt. Looks nice. :)

svfd757 says:

It won't fit but I'll take it. The wife needs a little nerd in her sleepware selection lol

DavidJ726 says:

I actually look good in black, and I need all the help I can get when it comes to looking good... :-)

blweldon2 says:

Wow. That is an awesome shirt!

Go go gadget t-shirt send it here.

sccpmusc26 says:

I want it oMG!

I would wear this everywhere... Forever,.... Even at my wedding

blackmar07 says:

awesome, I hope I win that awesome Google I/O shirt

MrJazz says:


15israellai says:

(That's an international contest right?)
I wonder why I'm such a fanboy as well.
Anyway good luck to myself XD

franky311 says:

Love the site can't wait to see the coverage. Love the shirt, too. Hope to win.

Count meeeeeee in! Hope to get one!

antar8543 says:


Do these shirts usually end up on eBay?

ttereve says:

dat shirt

Vito2000 says:

Would love a shirt.

jontalk says:

Let's see.. ONE tee shirt to give away and .. hmmmm.. 12 million members? Pretty good odds I think, LOL.. so yes, PICK ME and prove I'm wrong!!

bagarwa says:

Oh, perfect timing. I need to get myself a few new clothes. Some freebies won't hurt. :) One IO t-shirt coming right up. Right? plz plz plz.

Ellerbestyle says:

I want the shirt :)

mahasmb says:


aubinhick990 says:

I gotta say, I'd love that shirt! Looking forward to I/O 2012!!

romiust says:

Oh goodie I won me a tshirt!

enforcer 808 says:

Cool shirt.

the1justice says:

Awesome shirt! If choosen I will make all my friends and family jealous please pick me!

nickus1982 says:

I want in on this..

hawklet00 says:

i want that shirt

BadMojo says:

Shirt for me. K? Thx.

I'm feeling luckyy. My favorite Android news supplier will surprise me with a T-shirt!!!! woohooo

RamoneLy says:

swag must win

xaml says:

Google Eye Oh? Google IO. Google UO. Google You Owe (me a shirt)! ;D

theairic says:

I am in need of clothing.

JokerSage says:

That t-shirt shall be mine!!!

griff7774 says:

Send my shirt via t-shirt cannon!

shyamnat says:

Not me this time around :(.

janjalaniz says:

I want this shirt!

(Insert comment here)

*edit: changed to parentheses so that the text would appear.

helladd says:

I want it! ..please :)

angross72 says:

comment left (will whimsy really give me any heads-up?)

Wish I could be there!

Darian says:

In it to win it.

ramonm2 says:

Sweet Jelly Beans TShirt!!!!

Cruiserdude says:

Phil, I want your shirt.

No, I need your shirt.

duanedude1 says:

Well, it seems the time has come for the wife and I to move from our years of phone loyalties (her to BBerry, me to Palm). Can you see it in your heart to welcome these wayward souls to the Green Robot? A Google IO shirt would do much to ease the transition.

Thanks ever-so-muchly!
Long Live Lloyd!

danvc says:

Google I/O!!!!!

x-ware says:

A T-Shirt ! that's what I want !

jyemenai says:

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirt. lol Have fun at the I/O

prEvo says:

I would wear the shirt until I get mushrooms growing out of the arm pits. Then I would wash it and do it again.

ameadows252 says:

Dude. That shirt looks great! How about we make a deal? If I promise to refresh your live blog pages from my tab 10.1, GNex, laptop and Google TV, could I win the shirt? I think that sounds like a fair deal, but I'll let you guys be the judges ; )

Shootin4aces says:


mathiasjk says:

Gimme Gimme!

ix3pho says:

Sweet Shirt!

Pr3mier says:


that shirt is amazing!

adzrules says:

Strange pattern on the T-shirt but still, I'd love one!

Mindoversoul says:

Cool shirt! Looking forward to see what comes out of Google I/O this year, there are so many things that need some attention (Jelly Bean, Google TV, Google @home, Nexus Tablet, news on the update alliance, BETTER news on the Google Maps update...etc.). Hopefully it's a big week in Google world!

AndroidHugo says:

awesome shirt, hope I can one day attend a Google I/O!

alexanderith says:

Its a long shot but i would love to get that shirt.

ant says:

winner over here!

garciaop says:

all these coment for a t-shirt
any way hope i win

ffastffrank says:

Win and learn what what it means as it will get a lot of questions which will help spread the word, Android :-)

shyam92 says:

IO shirt!!!!

DuDe75 says:


KrsWon says:

I want a jumping Jellybean shirt, cause I'll prob never get it on my phone :P

Parker Clack says:

I can understand why Phil looks and sounds ragged. After covering CEDIA for about 5 years even though you look forward to being there it can get a bit old at the same time. BTW, who does the camera work for you? As someone that has shot a lot of videos myself I have always appreciated the quality of the video and audio clarity with coverage done by AC. I know all the work that goes into shooting, editing and then uploading it to the web. Great job. I look forward to the coverage.

BTW, as someone that is in the "I never win anything group" I vote that you just get a T Shirt for all of us.

crowordove says:

Ummmmmmm...... pick me?[obligatorycontestentry/]

crowordove says:

My bad, double post.

Droopy37 says:

Nice shirt I will take one please

MrRedJoker93 says:

So excited for I/O this year!

DPtheKid says:

Let's go ANDROID!!

Drcursor says:

My precioouusss!

norm883 says:

Google Tee Shirt Please!

phenab says:

I definitely think one of those t shirts ought to come to the UK, ME.

rheerani says:

I think it would really suit me, so it will be great if you send one medium sized one my way.

jimj21 says:

Yes please.

joseyd77 says:

Shirt me, please! I will wear it at an upcoming golf tournament! :) Beggers can't be choosers, but I'll take it in a schmedium if possible!

ski2tee says:

Let's hope is isn't a one size fits all t-shirt!

komeilkarimi says:

would love the T

dfalck says:

I'll take an XL. Thanks.

mipd1980 says:

Yes I will take that shirt....Thank

timber says:

Here I go, not winning again.

ciscogambo says:


Joe H. says:

I would love one of those t-shirts

TheMOX says:

This comment is another vain attempt at winning an online prize (for a shirt that probably won't fit)

camiller says:

I'm guessing the shirt isn't 3X, but whatever.

galfert says:

I don't want the tshirt. Oh...???...Did I just enter myself to possibly win? Ooops.

scaots says:

Cool. Sorry I didn't get to go and get my own

Purryddy please?

Chocoburger says:

Oh wow, I was just at the Moscone West Center 3 weeks ago for my cousin's graduation. When I was there, a creepy old man wearing a dust filter mask kept walking back and forth on the second floor in front of me. He wouldn't stop, it really started to get on my nerves. Why the hell was he wearing that mask? Why was he walking back and forth constantly? Why was he so DAMN CREEPY?!

Er uh, sorry for that! Anyway, I wish I could be there at the Google I/O! And watch out for any creepy old guys with masks on!

Micksson says:

Really nice t-shirts this year, would be awesome to have one :-)

timmuse says:

I wanna make my apple fanboyz friends so unhappy.

sakasune says:

Yes, shirt me!

Snoww3d says:

would love to win this shirt.

sadermaxx says:

SWEET....cant wait for google I/O to start!!!

wffjr3782 says:

I got a business card, cause I wanna win some lunches! (T Shirts). That's what my business card says: "Mitch Hedberg (Pickle3782), Potential Lunch (T Shirt) Winner.

- Mitch Hedberg

Paladin says:


(I wish they would sell these, they can give the profits to charity!)

rsclark35 says:

I'd rather acquire an Asus 4.1 tablet.

hollabak009 says:


Steve66 says:

Awesome shirt - will wear with pride!

ahotcarl269 says:

i took off work for this i cant wait to see whats coming i just wish i would have been able to purchase a ticket before it all sold out :(

Orion78 says:

Phil, be a dear and give me that shirt!!

Id love a shirt from google to bug all my ios friends.

jswenson3 says:

By the beard of Jerry, I want and SHALL have that shirt! That is if you give it to me.

paulgon says:

me want shirt; cool shirt.

SpenceJonas says:

Awesome shirt, would make many of my friends jealous : ) DO WANT!

disenhour says:

Google IO shirt FTW

Javien907 says:

I definitely want one of those shirts!

Chuckroid says:

I'll take a tshirt... preferably not Phil's size! ;-)

Caveman419 says:

My favorite Android Blog whent to Google I/O 2012 and all I got was this Awesome T-Shirt!!

Please send the T-Shirt my way...I will wear it proudly!!

zgarrow says:

That is one sweet shirt :)

jean15paul says:

Is that a girl in the 3rd picture. She must have gotten lost. :)

skizzoid says:

Ooh, I'd love to win the shirt!

dwain77 says:

Sitting bored in Ohio...don't even have ICS on my skyrocket yet. Blah...I need a shirt.

bobtheasian says:

I would love one!! This shirt looks totally awesome!!

ryank007 says:

T-shirt for me, please?

PeteyNice says:

That shirt is awesome.

mastatrp says:

Nice! Hope to go next year! (say this about every year this thing starts)

sciroccohsd says:

My desk is the next best thing to being there live.

djomega971 says:!!!

GnosticYoyo says:

I'm always in for a free T-shirt

arariel says:

Really like the look of that shirt... would love to have one of my own.

I would love this shirt anyway. It's OFFICIAL from Google I/O!!!

Jordan jones says:

I need a new shirt

Krasin says:

I want a t-shirt....