Google I/O 2012.

A giant pin stuck smack in Moscone West can mean only one thing. 

Google I/O is here! Everybody's favorite search engine/Internet Giant is, of course, having its annual developer conference in San Francisco this week. And, of course, we're here to bring it all to you as it happens, live and in living color.

We're at Day -1. Things don't really get going until morning, at which time we'll be back at 9:30 a.m. PDT for the Day 1 keynote. (Go ahead and bookmark that, and our Day 2 keynote liveblog as well.)

In the meantime, ease on past the break for a quick photo gallery and an appearance from yours truly. (And be sure to actually watch the video -- there might be a little giveaway involved.)

It's gonna be a hell of a week.


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Google I/O 2012: Day -1


I have entered a lot of these Android Central giveaways and statistics show I will probably die before I win one.


I've won once. It was that Valentine's Monster Bluetooth speaker thing. They said "Name the love song that describes your life" and I said "Withered Hope" by They Might Be Giants.

Hey, I would love that shirt. I work not far from Moscone West, I'll pick it up for a free along with I/O invite (kidding).
Looking forward to the coverage.

My T-shirt drawers are full, so I'd probably have to give away one of mine to good will or something. It's like giving me the shirt creates two winners, me and poor people who like funny T-shirts.

That shirt is really cool, and I'm really looking forward to watching lovestreams all day for the next three days!

I'd probably swim in that shirt, but would still love to win something from AC!! Can't count how many of these things I've Thanks for the coverage guys! Can you please ask about Flash & ICS? I couldn't watch the video on my newly updated RAZR...BOOOO!!!

I work with ALL crApple fanboys and therefore am abused daily, even violated on a regular basis. All of my psychological trauma would be resolved if I could just when this shirt. Oh Freud, if you are there , I need this shirt! Help him win (that was my other persona talking, sorry)!

I have won before but never got my prize. I sent emails n tweets but nothing. But that hasn't stopped me for entering.

Looking forward to your commentary from the event, and particularly to see what's coming for Android.

Hey Phil! you seemed a little distracted and seemed like you did not want to do this promo. What gives? I know, you said it was your 3rd year, but still, it is fun. It is always very interesting to see how people sell their products or come up with new ways to make our lives easier.

I'm a rather small sized ladee, and anything larger than a male medium may as well be a night shirt on me(meaning if it's bigger, it should go to someone else)

anyway, still excited for the episode!

Phil if I win this you have to show up at my house and shot it to me from the street w/ a tshirt gun, oh then we can have a few beers.

I'll take the shirt but can you stop by In-N-Out Burger and pick up a double double animal style while you're there and send it too...

Thanks in advance

Phil love the last photo shot, did you shoot that? And what lens did you use? You gonna need A/C because AC is going to be hot starting tomorrow... hail to the F5 key.

This will just be buried under all the shirt comments, but if today is -1, tomorrow is 0. Since tomorrow is day 1, today is day 0,

I've synced all other parts of my life with Google, might as well sync my clothing too! Pick me for the free shirt Phil!

Unforseen prediction. Jelly Bean Will Allow for a strictly STOCK option that overrides Sense, Wiz, Motoblur, etc. Allowing EVERYONE to update as soon as possible if they desire. oh....oh oh oh oh oh I want shirt too! That'd be slickness!

(That's an international contest right?)
I wonder why I'm such a fanboy as well.
Anyway good luck to myself XD

Let's see.. ONE tee shirt to give away and .. hmmmm.. 12 million members? Pretty good odds I think, LOL.. so yes, PICK ME and prove I'm wrong!!

Oh, perfect timing. I need to get myself a few new clothes. Some freebies won't hurt. :) One IO t-shirt coming right up. Right? plz plz plz.

Well, it seems the time has come for the wife and I to move from our years of phone loyalties (her to BBerry, me to Palm). Can you see it in your heart to welcome these wayward souls to the Green Robot? A Google IO shirt would do much to ease the transition.

Thanks ever-so-muchly!
Long Live Lloyd!

I would wear the shirt until I get mushrooms growing out of the arm pits. Then I would wash it and do it again.

Dude. That shirt looks great! How about we make a deal? If I promise to refresh your live blog pages from my tab 10.1, GNex, laptop and Google TV, could I win the shirt? I think that sounds like a fair deal, but I'll let you guys be the judges ; )

Cool shirt! Looking forward to see what comes out of Google I/O this year, there are so many things that need some attention (Jelly Bean, Google TV, Google @home, Nexus Tablet, news on the update alliance, BETTER news on the Google Maps update...etc.). Hopefully it's a big week in Google world!

I can understand why Phil looks and sounds ragged. After covering CEDIA for about 5 years even though you look forward to being there it can get a bit old at the same time. BTW, who does the camera work for you? As someone that has shot a lot of videos myself I have always appreciated the quality of the video and audio clarity with coverage done by AC. I know all the work that goes into shooting, editing and then uploading it to the web. Great job. I look forward to the coverage.

BTW, as someone that is in the "I never win anything group" I vote that you just get a T Shirt for all of us.

Shirt me, please! I will wear it at an upcoming golf tournament! :) Beggers can't be choosers, but I'll take it in a schmedium if possible!

This comment is another vain attempt at winning an online prize (for a shirt that probably won't fit)

Oh wow, I was just at the Moscone West Center 3 weeks ago for my cousin's graduation. When I was there, a creepy old man wearing a dust filter mask kept walking back and forth on the second floor in front of me. He wouldn't stop, it really started to get on my nerves. Why the hell was he wearing that mask? Why was he walking back and forth constantly? Why was he so DAMN CREEPY?!

Er uh, sorry for that! Anyway, I wish I could be there at the Google I/O! And watch out for any creepy old guys with masks on!

I got a business card, cause I wanna win some lunches! (T Shirts). That's what my business card says: "Mitch Hedberg (Pickle3782), Potential Lunch (T Shirt) Winner.

- Mitch Hedberg

i took off work for this i cant wait to see whats coming i just wish i would have been able to purchase a ticket before it all sold out :(

My favorite Android Blog whent to Google I/O 2012 and all I got was this Awesome T-Shirt!!

Please send the T-Shirt my way...I will wear it proudly!!