Google is making its mobile search even better by introducing Place Pages for Mobile. Place Pages for Mobile allows Android (and iPhone) users to find details of restaurants, businesses, etc. in one simple page. You can get basic info like store hours, pictures, and phone numbers along with the more in-depth details like user reviews, ratings, and tips from different online sources (citysearch, zagat, etc). We tried it out and it's pretty darn nifty. Since it's optimized for mobile phones, all information is displayed in an easy-to-read format.

You can try out Place Pages by going to on your Android browser and searching for a restaurant or business. If you click on the local listing results, it'll take you to its Place Page. How do you guys like it? Think you'll use it?

Hit the jump to see a video of Place Pages in action!

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dustinmj says:

If the ability was there to zoom on mobile pages... i'd be all over it. Without the ability to zoom... mobile pages just, for lack of a better word, suck.

get some new glasses grandpa, mobile pages are made so you dont need to zoom....

dustinmj says:

Heh, reading them isn't the problem... it's getting my goofy, uncoordinated, over-sized index finger on the right link that makes me cringe when I see a 'mobile' page... to each his own I suppose.

I agree with dustinmj, my fingers have a heck of a time with mobile pages. And, I use maps for all that anyway.