Google Glass XE19.1 update delivers improved connectivity

Google has updated the firmware to its Google Glass wearable eyewear, bringing it to version XE19.1. The update is considered a minor one, though Glass owners will likely want to install the new firmware as it delivers improved connectivity to keep your eyewear talking with your phone.

"We now do a better job of handling occasional network issues when you ask Glass to do something like, "ok glass, send a message to..."," Google said of the update.

In addition to improved connectivity, it seems that the voice menu interface has gotten a visual revamp, bringing a cleaner UI with white text over a black background.

Do you own Glass? Have you noticed better reliability and performance improvements to connectivity with the latest firmware update?

Source: Google


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Google Glass XE19.1 update delivers improved connectivity


It's amazing Google hasn't given up on Glass yet despite its damaged reputation from day one.

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Because it's a huge deal as a step forward in technology which Google thrives at

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Ya he's that guy around Halloween who gives kids toothbrushes

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