In-app billing on Tap Tap Revenge

After promising imminent launch last week, Google has flipped the switch to turn on in-app billing across the Android Market. Developers can now choose another source of revenue as an alternative to charging up front or relying on advertising in the apps themselves. A number of games such as Tap Tap Revenge (pictured - read our hands-on from the Honeycomb launch event here) and Gun Bros already support the service (along with Comics; Deer Hunter Challenge HD, WSOP3, and Dungeon Defenders: FW Deluxe), and more developers will certainly add support in the coming weeks.

UPDATE: Check out a couple more pictures past the break. [Android Developer Blog]



Reader comments

Google finally launches in-app billing


I hate that if I have a credit card saved on google checkout, no password is asked to purchase anything! Major fail!

I'm tired of passwords. Put one on your phone if your so concenrned. You worried some thief is gonna steal your phone and just have to have angry birds adfree?!

Edit :fail is even worse than first!!

EDIT: I haven't played this is ages since like Tap Tap 2. Well, I am dispoint.