Google Fiber Installers

Another U.S. city receives Google's crazy-fast Internet service

The latest big Google Fiber expansion is in Provo, Utah, and today marks the beginning of home installations of the new service. Following up on the deal that officially closed in July, residents now have their chance to get their gigabit Internet installed in their home. If you don't want to drop the money on full service speeds, Google is also offering a 5mbps connection for free for 7 years provided you pay the $30 installation fee.

Which city will be next? We're sure there are more than a few interested municipalities that would like to have Google Fiber available sooner rather than later.

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Google Fiber expands to Provo, Utah with installs starting today


I've never once made it through Checkpoint Charlie on the border of Salt Lake and Utah counties... Provo is the motherland.

Signed up for gigabit, now I just need to wait for them to work their way across town. It looks like they started on the opposite side.

Meh. It's only 125MB/s. I won't be satisfied until I can stream 10 4K Netflix movies simultaneously while torrenting 20GB per minute and simultanesouly streaming all 20,000 of my 320kbps songs stored on Google Play. Yawn.


You're wrong I've seen the speed tests myself showing real world speeds over 990Mbps

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Must convince municipality to get Google Fiber in our city. Heck, the 5 MBs for free is still better than what I'm getting.

Nope. Provo has been charging a tax to residence for a few years now from the old already built fiber network so only Provo residence get the low $30 price

How convenient that the NSA mega data center is so close by, your data won't have to travel far to be analyzed and collected and stored indefinitely. :)

Well, technically, what we refer to as "speed" with a data connection is really data density.

The signal itself travels at the speed of light on fiber and slightly below that on copper. Considering that a beam of light could circle the Earth 6.5 times in a second you are correct, distance doesn't really play into it.

That is absolutely the best deal, like hitting the lottery. If you don't want the insane fast speeds for a very cheap price you can still get free 5mb download speeds for only $30.00 install fee. That is just a great deal, I would jump on that sick speed deal and be very happy I had it. I wonder how Google picks their future targets?? Some very lucky folks getting a great deal.

It helps when you have a current fiber network laden with municipal debt that Google can pickup the existing framework and debt and relabel it their own... The real winners here are Provo tax payers.

The thing is, Google didn't pick up a single dime of the debt. They bought the Provo fiber network "probationally" for one dollar, and Provo keeps the debt. In other words, we get to keep paying the same tax for it that we've been paying for the last several years. Then, in seven years, Google can either decide to maintain ownership of the network, or sell it back to Provo for that same dollar they paid for it. In which case the network would be managed once again by incompetent fools, and we'd have had one beautiful glimpse at what life should be on a fiber network, only to be thrown back into the chaos that was the HomeNet/Broadweave/Veracity/Mstar nightmare.

I love it.

This will certainly shake up the industry.

Can't wait til it comes to the Silicon Valley, which you would think it would be here first since this is the Silicon Valley and hometown of Google...

I hope Google makes a huge impact on the industry with this. Current internet providers aren't all that great.

Franchise agreements in CA are going to make that very tough to do.

Utah invested in the infrastructure and Google is running it.

Too bad my hard drive write speed is around 100mbps max. Google fiber is faster than my HD can write.

Magnetic 7200 RPM drives max out around 100MB/s theoretical. That's megabytes not megabits. Additionally, modern SSDs on 6Gb/s SATA controllers have a theoretical speed of 500MB/s+. Bits <> bytes.

This is a Shame that Charlotte NC can't get no love Google??? My people were enslaved in this Southern rat hole, and you can't even give us FREE Fiber? OH COME ON!!!!!!!!! BOYCOTT GOOGLE!!!

Provo is a unique situation as they had already invested in the install of the fiber lines. They just couldn't seem to make it work so they worked a lease with Google to operate the infrastructure. Google only has to install from the curb to the house in most situations.

Now if the dysfunctional Utopia Fiber Network that covers other parts of the Wasatch Mountains could have the same blessing of Google stepping in and taking over the network I'd love it. I have fiber to my house right now and pay $40 per month for a 100 MB simultaneous up and down.(which I still don't utilize as often I'm testing at around 250 MB Down and 120 MB up with ping rate of 6 to 10 ms)

Provo has had a working fiber network for years now I have been using veracity networks with a 60/60 fiber connection that has only had one outage in 4 years. Now as far a Utopia goes if google does anything like Kansas then they will expand into Orem by 2016.

Come to Atlanta! We have fiber lines running all over the place. Less than a mile from my house, there is a T5 data center, that has a fiber backbone. I'd love to kick Comcast or UVerse to the curb.

I live in Pflugerville, TX. Should be able to receive it as my address just barely is in city limits

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Just woow, Google are really influencing future adoption of mass technology.
Think of how many people now have access to a relatively cheap phone in developing countries.
Now they can introduce internet service (which is 1mbps shy of what I pay £40/monthly) for less than $4 annually.

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Oh, please, come to Baltimore. FIOS does not come into the city and probably never will, and Comcast is not a company I want to deal with, so I'm stuck with about 2.5mbps on overhead lines through Verizon, possibly forever, and if I had internet only it'd be close to $50 a month (it's not quite that bad because I have local phone service bundled).

Man i will be like a 100 years old by the time google fibre comes to east coast :(.
Verizon fios just over charges for everything here