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Google Docs and several other Google Android apps are receiving hints of Material Design in their latest updates, and now the web components of Google Docs, Sheets and Slides are coming along for the ride. Google is promoting its simple shortcut URLs to go straight into your Google Docs, Sheets and Slides now that they have a fresh look, which keeps with the idea of bold colors, drop shadows and clean lines.

To access the new pages you'll simply go to, or, and you'll be greeted with a fresh new page to get at all of your content.

Of course if you want to see it all together you'll have to go to the Google Drive website, which has recently received an update as well but doesn't have the exact same design elements as shown off here. The above URLs will be great for folks who don't live in Drive all the time, and instead focus on creating and working with just one document type.

These new pages look great, and it just keeps getting us even more excited to see the Material Design refreshes of the rest of Google's properties.

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Google Docs, Sheets and Slides pick up new home pages with Material Design look


Off topic, I noticed the tabs shrunk to just show favicon. I just tried doing something like that on my acer chromebook and it doesn't do that. Are you on the beta or dev channel or do you have an extension that does it for you?

It's called a "pinned" tab. It's not just on Chrome OS, you can do it in any version of Chrome (except mobile apps). Right click on the tab you want to pin, and hit "pin tab." You'll notice that they stay in your browser even when you close and restart it.

The actual document composer/editor is the same whether you get to it from Google Drive or the new page. The only design change here is the document browser that you get when you go to the /docs page rather than Drive.

So the Web turns into a touch screen interface with Material Design right?
Very Windows 8ish of Google.
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This new material design thing they are doing with their web apps really sucks balls. Why separate docs and sheets? The circle in the bottom right doesn't even look like a button. Organistations don't want just a big unordered list of files, they want structure. Where is it? What's the point in Docs and Sheets when I can just use Drive? It seems all rather undirected and thoughtless to me.