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There's only so much you can do to improve the appearance of an app that's essentially a black screen with a six-digit number on it. But that's exactly what Google's done with the latest version of its Google Authenticator app, which has just been pushed out on the Android Market. The official changelog for version 0.87 notes "UI improvements" as the only new feature in this version. We'll have to take Google's word for it -- to us, it's still just a blank screen with a number on it.

In any case, Google Authenticator is an important app for those using two-step authentication for their Google account, so it's always best to keep things up to date. We've got the Android Market link for you after the break.


Reader comments

Google Authenticator updates with 'UI improvements', looks the same to us


The timer now sweeps instead of counting down in 1/8 chunks. It does look better even though it is only a minor tweak.

I've been using it for months and I think it's great - really not that difficult to add in that extra step but it feels great knowing I have extra protection over a service that has so much data.

I was a rabid two-step user until the multiple ROM flashing on my Nexus drove me nuts re-authorizing things constantly and I turned it back off.

If I wasn't such an ardent flasher I'd be back on in a heartbeat.

Once your Gmail account gets hacked, and Google locks you out of your account, including your Android, and your away from home, you might understand the value of this added step.