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The Google+ Android app is about to get an update which, among other things, now includes the What's Hot section. What's Hot is a useful portion of the web version in that you can see some of the most popular posts and stories floating around Google+. Now with it translated to mobile, you can access the content on-the-go right from your Android device.

In addition to What's Hot, you can now see who has +1'd your posts.

The update will be rolling out gradually so if you don't see it yet, sit tight. If you don't have the app yet, we've got links after the break.


Reader comments

Google+ app getting an update, includes What's Hot section


What's hot on google+ is probably the ONLY thing I detest about it. Sure I can hide it but it's still there. I don't need to see some spammy crap on there that isn't even from people in my circles.

I am not sure what the issue is. You don't see them unless you choose to. I personally like 'what's hot' and have been wanting it on the mobile app.

I can't speak for other people, but the reason I don't like the What's Hot section is that it seems counter to the whole idea of Google+. To me, the best thing about Google+ vs Facebook is the amount of control they give you. Using Circles, you can control who shows up in your Stream and who can see which of your posts. What's Hot takes away some of that control.

If they made What's Hot a one-time thing, popping up once so you could decide whether to follow it (and therefore see it in your Stream), I wouldn't care. Or if they give you a control to say, "No, I don't want to see this at all", that'd be fine, too. But showing you even a collapsed bar for it just seems to run counter to the spirit of the whole thing.

It's so difficult to get anyone to use Google+ despite all my attempts to drag them away from Facebook. All I hear is "no one uses it". I hope that changes.

I have the same problem. I try to tell them that if they would start to use it then more would to. But still no luck.

I wonder if they've done anything to fix the battery devastation caused by enabling it's sync options. Turning off Sync Instant Upload and Sync Google+ quadrupled the battery life of my Epic 4G Touch.

I've tested this and didn't see any battery difference on my E4GT. I have Instant Upload on wifi only -> its the best feature of G+ app fer sure. I have noticed that the notifications are a bit spotty with the G+ app on the E4GT, not sure if that's everyone or not.

It's good that it's called "What's Hot" because if they had called it "That's Hot" they would have been sued by Paris Hilton who has trademarked it. No joke.