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BookmarkYou want it, you got it. Erm, or you can at least ask for it. Google tonight has turned on Wish Lists in the Google Play Store.

The mechanism is simple. Find something you want in Google Play, and then hit the bookmark button on that page. That adds it to your "Wish List." We don't yet see a way to send that wish list to anyone, or to have anyone other than you pay for it. So basically you're making a list of things you want to buy later. Which is fine for now, we suppose. (We're totally going to spam Mom and Dad with this later, though.)

The really cool part for now is that this isn't just limited to apps. You can bookmark music, magazines, movies & TV or books. Anything that's in Google Play, you can add to the wish list. Perhaps we'll see more functionality announced in a couple weeks?

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Google adds Wish Lists to Google Play Store


That's funny. I was literally thinking about 30 minutes ago that Google Play Store needs wish lists. Then this article was published. Wooo coincident.

I have the same account on my phone and tablet, and they both have the 3.9.16 Play Store, but it only shows wishlists on my tablet, not my phone.

Not here on my galaxy nexus...

This is probably for gift card users. You can browse, go get a gift card then buy. Sounds good to me!

This is definitely nice to have, google is doing a lot of small things lately. But all these small tweaks and updates are really amounting to some big changes over the past couple months.

Google is on a roll! Can't wait to see what's in store Oct 29th