Can't wait for Google to release the Cupcake Update? Yeah, us neither. Luckily, we have some pretty genius minds out there in the developer community and one of them (haykuro) has gotten the HTC Magic build of Android (aka Cupcake) ported to work with the T-Mobile G1.

Looking at it briefly it certainly seems like a lot of work to get Cupcake working but definitely do-able. We say if you want to see what Cupcake and Android 1.5 is all about, go for it! You should start here. Just make sure you stick with the 'H' build because the 'G' build is currently banned from Android Market.

Anybody running Cupcake want to tell us how sweet it is?

[haykuro via bgr]

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NoTimeThanks says:

It's really really nice. The video camera isn't bad. The camera got a lot better. It takes pictures so much faster. The only downfall is that your g1 thinks it's a magic. I think it's kinda immoral.

DroidProof says:

Unfortunately the G build has some things the H build is missing and but the H build has a some nice apps and is more functional too. The G keyboard feels complete while the H keyboard is easier to type on but needs to be finished. The Home screen landscape layout in H has many bugs while G looks and works fine. In G, contacts and Market don't work but G can zoom in the browser while H can't yet. The orientation transitions on G are more noticable but H seems classier.
All in all, its very exciting to play with and use. Thanks Haykuro, keep up the good work.

Mark Dell says:

Compatibility with most apps is great, being able to backup your entire phone state and restore through USB is also a great feature which you can add while working on getting 5.0.2H

Overall stability isn't a problem, but if you want to run apps from your SD card you'll need to be sure to partition part of it as EXT3 first or you'll have a mess of problems.

sinsayshon says:

I installed the cupcake update but I can't get my apps on my sdcard cuz its not showin the /system/sd when I do the busybox df -h... I had a jesusfreke rc33 v1.42 before and had it workin jus fine. Should the sd be partitioned partly as ext2 or does it need to b changed to ext3? Any suggestions?

SimplyMe says:

have you manage to install your apps to your SD after the 1.5 upgrade? i am having the same problem. please let me know if you already have a solution for this.. many thanks :)

Anonymous says:

You can check out this post, it has a short video taken with the G1 with cupcake build and also screenshots.

justin says:

Can someone post step by step instructions on installing this on your phone please.

inportb says:

And nobody mentioned the built-in PDF viewer? It's pretty sweet, and reflows text too.

Midnite says:

Clickin around alot, i have 55 tabs open in chrome and firefox


can someone post step by step instructions on how to install this thing, where to download it from please... all ive found is that guys stupid blog which doesnt say squat about how to install this, it just says "hooray, this is available"

yea, i heard

Anonymous says:

@Midnite: If you had not been able to find the link to install the update, you probably might not want to do it because the link is in this article itself. I cant understand why can you flame that the blog is stupid when you can't even read the article.

chris says:

When i try to update i click alt+s and it says there is no signature (368 files) and that the verification failed and then aborted. can anyone please tell me either whats wrong or a step by step installation. thank you

joshua says:

cupcuke verification failed why did this happen is it because i dowongraded to rc29 or what please help!!!!

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It seems G build still has SOME access to market. I'm getting like an app every few hours. I just leave them in my queue and it happens every so often. I haven't tried buying new ones though. I could get already bought and free apps this way.

Thanks for the info. I really had a blast

Amazing!!! Great Idea.

samuel_dap says:

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