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The Android 4.2 and LG Nexus rumors keep on coming, as this morning we're hearing reports of what could be in the next version of Gmail for Android. According to Android Police, which claims to have obtained the new version of Gmail from an LG Nexus system dump, we'll be able to look forward to some long-awaited features in Gmail for Android 4.2.

First up, the site claims we'll finally be getting pinch-to-zoom in messages, a feature long absent from Gmail, and much requested by Android users. This should hopefully make large HTML-based emails a little easier to handle on mobile. Other reported changes include the ability to swipe messages away to delete or archive them, just like in the notification shade. And finally, there's now the ability to report phishing directly from within the app. Not huge changes, but we're sure many Gmail users will be pleased to see pinch-to-zoom finally arrive after all this time.

It's also interesting that this new version of Gmail is marked as 4.2. Typically when a major new version of Android ships, Google apps are updated to bring them in line with the new OS software version. This would match what we've heard from our own sources, that the next Nexus smartphone is currently being tested with Android 4.2, rather than the older 4.1.2 seen in leaked photos.

Not long now, folks. The LG Nexus, which has leaked in various forms over the past week, is reported to make its  official debut towards the end of the month.

Source: Android Police


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Gmail for Android 4.2 purportedly features pinch-to-zoom, new gesture controls


Can't wait for the Swype function, I have been catching myself many times trying to Swype out messages...and always wondering why that interface was not in alignment with the rest of the Android experience. I just hope the GNex and the 7 get 4.2 too!

You can get the APK file from the Android Police site. Works great. But it's for Rooted Devices Only.