We'll be the first to admit that the Android Robot is probably the cutest green robot we've ever seen. I mean, look at it! It's round, has plenty of character, and seems just so...friendly. But even we were surprised when we stumbled on a girl tattooing the Android Logo onto her wrist--cute green robot and all.

Her name is Natalie "Kommodore" Thompson and she's either the biggest fan of open source operating systems or just loved that green robot more than us. And hey, we don't have any problem with this kind of self-expression because come on, the Android Robot is certainly a better tattoo to get than the Storm on your ankle.

Anyone else have Android Tattoos they'd like to share?

[Myspace via Engadget]


Reader comments

Girl Tattoos Android Robot Onto Her Wrist


Flommytherobot says that the human girl would likely look "hot" with anything tattooed on her body. Flommy is much superior to the tattoo shown, and other parts of the human female's body may be appropriate for a Flommy tattoo.

Many robots are happy to have pictures of humans painted on them.

Flommytherobot is pleased to have been of assistance.

My wife has 3 tattoos each of which represents something important in her life. Needless to say, none of them are as trivial as a product logo. In any case, I'll bet Kommodore is gracing a few G1 home screens right now.