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This year at CES the folks at Archos were showing off some very cool tech — notably their upcoming line of smartwatches and their updated Smart Home devices. I'm a big fan of both so once I got done getting a brief about their watches, I took a look at their connected home devices as well.

Powered by the Smart Home tablet, the whole setup is pretty impressive. It makes use of very small Bluetooth Low Energy devices that include a Mini Cam, Weather Tag, Smart Plug, Movement Tag and Motion Ball. All wireless, all with insane battery life (think 1-2 years). Using the Smart Home tablet or your phone you can control and monitor all the devices — everything from the temperature to open doors to motion in a room. Add in the Programs Manager and you can automate all kinds of fun tasks as well.

The Smart Home setup starts at under $200 and you can more goodies for as low as $30 — all of it coming at the end of Q2.

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jeddo45 says:

This sounds like a simple way to make my house smart, and for a decent price! Looking good so far...

Nexus 5...enough said

icebike says:

Looks like it doesn't need to send all your data to the cloud like Nest.

Rattso2005 says:

Interesting... One of my first tablets was an Archos. The build quality was not good and the unit would randomly freeze and reboot. On the Archos forums many others would report the same issues. With there cheap price point they are compelling BUT you definitely get what you pay for... at least that was my experience with Archos on their tablet line this might be completely different. We'll see..

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