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Don't worry, everything will be back up and operational soon

Folks from all around are reporting issues downloading apps and updates from the Play Store today, receiving an error "403" in the process. It's safe to say at this point that Google Play is both herping and derping, and it should be sorted out soon. Here's a quick explanation of what that 403 error means, technically:

Generally a 403 error means your request was "forbidden." That doesn't mean you did anything wrong, just that the server (in this case Google's Play store servers) were programmed to deny the request you sent. Typically, you see a 403 error when you try to browse the file structure of a server that wasn't configured to allow this sort of access.

What's likely happening with Google Play is because of traffic shaping, where the normal request was altered and the server gets a request that it cannot allow. There's nothing you can do to fix them, though some people have had luck deleting their Google account and adding it again. The best thing you can do is wait it out, even though that's something nobody wants to do.

We go through these sorts of widespread errors from time to time, and they always get sorted out quickly. Hang in there.


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Getting '403' errors in the Play Store today? You're not alone


I had problems with the Play Store intermittently all week. A more interesting issue I am having is according to Google now NYC is at 80F at the moment.

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Same I thought the Google play problems were from my custom ROM so glad it wasn't Pacman ROM & just on Google's end

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How about the photos in the AC App looking "askew" after the update? Tablet is fine though......

And it's only some of them.....

Doing a great job getting the small things fixed Jerry

Posted via my outdated and under spec'd galaxy tab 3 using the Android Central App

When is the next update for the Android Central app? Seems like it is due for an update. Keep up the good work though!

Content management system. It runs the front facing portion of the website.

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

If this is the case that it is a fault at your end how come I can still download on other devices using Google play

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Bad luck I chose today to factory reset... -_-
Hope the glitch is cleared soon...I'm dying witout my Apps!
Btw I gess it's only on some devices...updated ones.

Whenever something like this happens.. Some decided to factory reset their phone haha, bad luck

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I received my Nexus today and have been trying to install apps for the past few hours thinking my phone was the problem. Official information on the issue was nowhere to be found. Google should have informed the users instead of letting us reboot like idiots and waste time. Big fail on their side.

I agree was completely convinced it was the tablet as my phone works fine I've emailed companies and everything feel like a tit now

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This was posted 16 hours ago. I'm STILL having issues with error 403 CBC Olympic app on Google play store. I've cleared caches, reset connection, rebooted, deleted history. I have an excellent internet connection. Still will not download. Still getting error 403. After 16 hours this should of been fixed by now. Unacceptable.

I tried all things,but after 5 hours I got an unexpected idea. I just downloaded the mobogenie app store,in that I went Google play services and updated it. For my wonder it worked out solving 403 error.
I will tell you more,when you change a password to Google account, you have to remove your account and add again in your smartphone. And just updating password will not work out In most case. As in my case I uninstalled Google play service and can't able to update it from Google play store which caused error 403. You can update this Google play services by using another app store. In my case credit goes to mobogenie